Weekly Round-Up

It’s been a while so we’ve got a lot to cover.

Judy started the week slowly — apologies for bad picture, but it’s a bad outfit — with a not-quite-matching self-made twinset.

She pulled it together Tuesday with a blue jacket-and-dress (who knows?) combo. Note the picture in the red frame behind her. We first saw it a few months ago and thought maybe it was of a grandchild.

On Friday, Judy finished strong in maroon. As I have noted, I love the upturned-collar look. So flattering.

Wait – what happened to Presumed Grandbaby? The picture is gone! The plot thickens…

I have been corresponding with a reader who is an experienced tv producer. He said that the filters used on Judy in her home are too red. That would explain the sometimes startling hair color.

The same reader was curious about whether Judy was wearing a wig. I don’t think so, but In the picture below, Judy could be wearing a fall in back.

Remember falls?

I had hair like this..................This was the Jenn Annistons "The Rachel" hairstyle of its time....:)

Another mystery: why does Yamiche go bold to super effect with her overcoats, but so blah with her inside wear?

Lisa hasn’t quite gotten the hang of dressing for winter.

It’s still February, Lisa. Bust out those layers.

Another reader posited that Lisa feeds her cat to entice it to stay in the frame. I think that dear reader is right. See below two frames.

Well, Lisa gave layers a try on Friday, but I can’t get with the cheetah shirt. The blazer is a nice touch though.

People sometimes ask me, “why don’t you write about Amna? She’s so great!” Yes, she is an excellent journalist, but her outfits are boooooooorrrrrinnnggg. The notched collar below is an exception, and you know how I feel about upturned collars (on women – men tend to look like jackasses unless they are European). Two thumbs up.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up

  1. By the way, I think Tam may have fixed that hair thing you mentioned a while ago. There was a little more loft to her top hair recently. Is “top hair” a real term, or am I off here?


  2. John, you are correct. Tam’s hair is looking a skosh less greasy and sad. I maintain, however, she should get some bangs, which will help her “top hair,” which is now fully part of my lexicon. Thank you!
    Blogger, agree that twinsets are generally not a great look for Judy. I love her in the structured dresses and jackets.
    Also I realize the reason Stephanie Sy is never mentioned is that her Newshour West segment is only available…in the West. Well, you are missing a treat – she almost always looks fantastic – cool, chic, appropriate, great hair! That she is a good reporter is a bonus though of course not our focus here 🙂


  3. Diana, Thanks for the confirmation. And bangs, eh? I like the idea, but aren’t they hard to pull off and high-risk? A quarter inch too short and you’re Spock.


    1. And moving on from hair (which I have done, personally), sometimes when I watch Judy talking to Yamiche and Lisa, or to Amy and Tam and Amna, I imagine the young ones together twenty years ago–a tight group of brainy, slightly nerdy high school girls who don’t buy into the whole boy-crazy hooey, and who finally find a home with their super cool teacher Ms. Woodruff. Or maybe they never got that in high school, but they have it now.


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