So the burgundy rollneck. This style has a respectable history. I have two J. Crew (RIP J. Crew) rollnecks from approximately 1988. They have been handy during this crazy spring quarantine season. J. Crew made solid sweaters. No kidding. Here’s one:

J Crew M Roll Neck 100% Wool Fisherman Sweater M Vintage 90s Maroon Red

I give Judy the nod. Hers looks to have the neck rolled in, not out. A tube-neck?

It’s been a log week. We’re up to 77,000 dead from coronavirus and that wasn’t the lead story. Unemployment is at 14.7% and many are saying it’s much worse. That’s the highest unemployment since the Great Depression for those of you keeping score. So, it’s OK to wear a comfort sweater. I would have gone with pearl studs, but she loves the ruby (-colored at least) drops. Speaking of red, she seems to have toned down the strawberry in her strawberry-blonde ‘do.

Shields and Brooks! I love you guys. I used to hate Brooks, but his disappointment (I searched for the right word here) with this administration is so palpable I can’t help but love him, even in his narrow Willy Wonka-striped digs.

I am frankly concerned that Mark Shields, my darling man, is sinking. Witness two photos, just minutes apart:

Holy shit. Mark. MARK! Did Judy have to throw him a line? Damn Brooks is in Royal Oak, nowhere near Chevy Chase. Where the fuck is Judy? Help him out, woman!

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  1. Hah! Let’s hope Shields’s apparent decline is merely exhaustion—feel like I’m sinking pretty fast too. Thanks for the laugh—much needed!
    Not a wild fan of the burgundy with the strawberry—blonder woulda worked better.


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