A Bit Ho Hum But Still We Love Her

Mostly Judy has been going with tried-and-true, see Akris, below. Really suits her. This look is nice, too, though not as punchy. Dig the orange stripes: I guess it’s freezing in the studio. Plus which Judy doesn’t have much, er, insulation. This blogger has long wondered if it’s ok to wear a jacket open thatContinue reading “A Bit Ho Hum But Still We Love Her”

Red, White and… Nude?

Last Friday (July 30 already), the theme was red and white, as Judy dressed for her guests and, I hope, us, in a familiar red-and-white dress: Her guests respectfully followed suit, as it were. And you thought ties were passe. Keep reading. First we had Dr. Ashish Jha, the dean of Brown University’s School ofContinue reading “Red, White and… Nude?”