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What’s Judy Wearing?

Why is this the stock background?

Chartreuse on the Loose

That’s a fun word, “chartreuse,” defined as a color between yellow and green. Please tell me how Judy can pull it off? This blogger wouldn’t dare, but Judy does it with aplomb. Love the tiny bolero jackets she wears from time to time. Great cut for her petite figure. Laura Barron-Lopez tried, again, to copyContinue reading “Chartreuse on the Loose”

It’s Been Too Long…

…Ere I blogged last. I think I had Blogger’s Block if that’s a thing (I am wishing it into existence with initial caps). So much has changed. Laura Barron-Lopez (cannot figure out the accent aigu – wait that’s French on this darn thing) joined. I miss Yamiche, but Laura is cool. But Lisa, tell usContinue reading “It’s Been Too Long…”

RIP Mark Shields

We lost a a great one last weekend. Rest in peace, Mark. Look at that face! Judy said, “everyone, EVERYONE at the News Hour loved him,” and I don’t doubt that for a second. Some of the words the all-stars gathered to remember him used about Mark: “Humility” “Knowledge” (of politics, of sports, of anythingContinue reading “RIP Mark Shields”

Say It Ain’t So!

Good grief — we look away for a quick minute and Judy deserts us? Alert reader Diana in LA broke the story from Variety last night. I chose this headline because it tells us who the successors are. Of course, no one person could fill Judy’s (designer) shoes. At least I think they couldn’t. SheContinue reading “Say It Ain’t So!”

Did Lisa Read Us?

Loyal readers know that I do not spare Lisa in these pages. (Some comment I am not tough enough on her. Mr. Blogger can attest to my private comments, but in this forum I am trying to have some class. Only you, dear reader, can decide whether I succeed.) Dare we hope that Lisa hasContinue reading “Did Lisa Read Us?”

Hold, Please!

Hi, Judy Friends! I am writing to tell you why I have not been writing. You see, in addition to the crazy amount of cash dollars I make from this blog, I am a financial crime fighter. I work for an asset manager which has historically invested in Russia. As part of my job, IContinue reading “Hold, Please!”

Judy Merch!

Writing this blog has been a great experience. I started it at the instigation of Mr. Blogger, who said that as long as I was commenting on Judy’s outfit every night, I should write about it. I have so enjoyed making connections with other fans who have somehow found the blog and sent comments. JustContinue reading “Judy Merch!”

Judy’s on Jeopardy

Note the title does not say “Judy’s IN Jeopardy.” That would be awful. I have a feeling that many of us who watch Judy also watch Jeopardy. (The good money says we also watch All Creatures Great and Small, but that’s for another post.) Perhaps we play along with the contestants, envisioning ourselves besting oneContinue reading “Judy’s on Jeopardy”


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