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What’s Judy Wearing?

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Judy’s on Jeopardy

Note the title does not say “Judy’s IN Jeopardy.” That would be awful. I have a feeling that many of us who watch Judy also watch Jeopardy. (The good money says we also watch All Creatures Great and Small, but that’s for another post.) Perhaps we play along with the contestants, envisioning ourselves besting oneContinue reading “Judy’s on Jeopardy”

Judy Gets Festive!

It’s holiday time here at the blog, and I for one am glad to see our fearless leader gettin’ in the spirit of the thing. Love this red jacket-and-dress combo. Red has been one of her best colors, other than during those awkward few months when her hair was strawberry-ish. Who didn’t do some crazyContinue reading “Judy Gets Festive!”

Asymmetry in Motion

On Friday, Judy looked as worn out as we all felt from the news this week, but still rocked a new (I think) red dress with an asymmetrical neckline. I looked on the Akris and Neiman Marcus sites to no avail. Really a great look. Sleeve length is perfect and it’s a lovely silhouette. SeeContinue reading “Asymmetry in Motion”

Escada Again!

We have noted that Judy often gets gussied up for Fridays. This Escada dress is a special-occasion favorite. Yamiche honored Judy by wearing a knock-off when she started hosting Washington Week. They both looked lovely. At the beginning of Monday’s show, I thought Judy had assembled another sweater set herself. Doing so is not herContinue reading “Escada Again!”

Res Ipsa Loquitur

First-year law students learn the Latin phrase “res ipsa loquitur,” meaning “the thing itself speaks,” or “the thing speaks for itself.” It’s a fancy expression usually used in the context of negligence, as in: a piano falling from a window and crushing someone is sufficient evidence by itself of negligence. So many titles ran throughContinue reading “Res Ipsa Loquitur”

Supporting Roles

Let’s spotlight our best supporting anchors: I love that Yamiche took a gosh darn risk with this outfit. We can disagree about whether she was successful, but I love her in the pink. The puffy tulip sleeves worked for me. ( See below.) Bravo for passing over those same-old-black tops. Amna has branched out successfully,Continue reading “Supporting Roles”

Lovely in Lilac

On Monday, Judy wore this lovely shade of, we’ll call it lilac, to permit us a snappy title. She doesn’t look happy to have a close up, below, but the earrings worked with her eyes and the outfit: Some of us have made rather, well, verging-on-unkind comments about Judy’s hair. It is this blogger’s dutyContinue reading “Lovely in Lilac”


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