Judy’s on Jeopardy

Note the title does not say “Judy’s IN Jeopardy.” That would be awful.

I have a feeling that many of us who watch Judy also watch Jeopardy. (The good money says we also watch All Creatures Great and Small, but that’s for another post.) Perhaps we play along with the contestants, envisioning ourselves besting one or more of them.

But not Amy Schneider. She rules.

Amy Schneider Beats Family Record As Her 'Jeopardy!' Win Streak Continues

She is a super-champion and you can feel through the tv that boy-next-door Ken Jennings is rooting for her.

Still, all the contestants, EVEN AMY, missed the clue about Judy, which was totally easy (I forget exactly what it was and I can’t find it on the Interweb, but rest assured you, dear reader, would have gotten it without the picture). But there WAS a picture, and a lovely one from days of yore. (See above.)

You could tell on Tuesday that Judy was still reeling from the shock:

Loved the outfit and alert reader John was the first to note that it’s new. What is that, cornflower blue? Love it. So powdery and just right for right now.

The close of 2021 saw lots of Amna as Judy took a well-deserved week off. Some outfits were better than others.

The above didn’t do it for me. Too boxy.

Now this one, in burnt umber (thanks Crayola) was a winner. Nice sleeve length, puffy shoulders are au courant and the nails were a dandy accompaniment.

This one wasn’t so appropriate for winter. I don’t give a care how hot those studio lights were. It was December.

Classic Amna showed up in her semi-famous “paper-clip” necklace and tailored jacket. Point: Amna.

Hilarious commenter Diana from LA reported today that Fox News has attempted to drive a wedge between Judy and Yamiche, asserting that Judy was “frustrated” that Yammy scored an interview with Prez Joe and Judy didn’t. Let’s see if Judy’s Twitter account mentions this alleged spat. Hold, please.

Of course it doesn’t. I am biased, duh, but it just doesn’t fit with everything we’ve known about Judy forever. It does fit with Fox News. Still, props to Diana for noting it and keeping tabs on all kinds of media for us.

Keep those comments coming! Belated happy new year!

It’s Sweater Weather!

How much do I wish I could say I snapped this after Judy and I had a few pops at lunch in her swank DC pad? A lot.

Still, this blogger is grateful for the Judy GOLD sent by alert reader Rich. Only Judy could pull off this nutty sweater. She kills me. Sweater weather, indeed.

Blue seemed to be a theme this week. This dress-and-jacket combo is not new, but it works every time.

This is my (second) favorite Judy look of the week. I love the color and the whole look. So elegant and yet cutting edge.

The rest of the week was rather blah.

Yes, this dress has the proper sleeve length. Yes, it’s an elegant cut, yes it fits Judy perfectly, and still I say… meh.

The maroon or whatever shade it is dress was better. I like the sleeve length and the slightly puffed shoulders make it au courant.

Rare misstep here. The color doesn’t flatter and the sleeves are a tad too short, especially for December. Must be hot in the studio.

Amna’s looks continue to delight. She appears to know that dusty rose is one of her colors. Nice blazer and shell combo.

Brooksie looked great on Friday. Love the windowpane shirt, though I would have thought it was more of a summer look, but I am out of my depth in men’s haberdashery. Still love the button-down collar and the preppy-yet-stylish tie brings it all together.

Reader Jen alerted me to Capey’s Friday splendor. This blogger was at zoo lights with the family during Judy’s show. Thanks to Jen, I went back and it was worth it. I never in a million years would have endorsed a BROWN tie. The wool jacket with the simple pocket hankie (fingers crossed it’s unused) and a plain white shirt (collar still too small for this blogger) really worked. Go Capey!

Here’s to donning our best holiday sweaters this week!

Merry merry to you all!

Judy Gets Festive!

It’s holiday time here at the blog, and I for one am glad to see our fearless leader gettin’ in the spirit of the thing. Love this red jacket-and-dress combo. Red has been one of her best colors, other than during those awkward few months when her hair was strawberry-ish. Who didn’t do some crazy hair thing in the dark days of the pandemic’s infancy?

I also dug this dress. Judy seems to be choosing longer short sleeves and they become her. She is a quiet fashion icon. Wonder who made this? Maybe Akris? Escada?

Judy took PBS to the cutting edge of fashion last night (and to the cutting edge of fashion was a long way to go for PBS) with this hot number. I went nose-to-tv screen to check out the neckline. It looked like a cowl neck to me, but I wasn’t sure until we got this shot of her from the back. I’m still not sure. Looks like a shawl collar in back.

Who looks as good from the back as Judy, I ask you? Not I. Look at that hair (as discussed some time ago, it could be a fall but what a fall it is). Anyway, the collar is great. Here’s hoping she wears the getup again. I am sure she won’t disappoint.

Speaking of “disappoint,” this outfit of Lisa’s didn’t work for me. Boat necks are tough to pull off for anyone. The earrings worked, for one reader at least, who inquired where she might find them. I don’t know, but I throw it to you, dear readers.

Amna freaking killed it last night. Look at this beautiful purple and black top with a nice turtleneck. I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me this holiday season to see Amna livening up her wardrobe. She also has taken a page from Yamiche and dusted her eyelids with a shade that complements the top. Nice MODEST hoop earrings, too. Look at that hair. I think I see some highlights which, while unnecessary, give her look added depth. Let’s drink a cup of cheer to Amna!

Speaking of turtlenecks, I simply must take this opportunity to share my perennial fave New Yorker cartoon:

Now THAT’s comedy.

I saved the best for last, like the proverbial partridge in a pear tree (wait, that was the first gift, not the last. But it’s sung last in the song. I digress).

Judy watchers know Paul Solman loves himself a hat.

But it’s not always the right hat.

Reporting from Casablanca, presumably, Paul can be seen bringing us a story on supply chain problems. The story was fascinating, as was his outfit. What’s up with that tie? No really, what is up with it?

Ok he was reporting from LA, and yet…

I’m not saying that no one can carry off a Panama hat and light-colored suit.

See, e.g., Sir Ian McKellen:

sir Ian Mckellen | Sir ian mckellen, Ian mckellen, Actors

But maybe not with a green, horizontally-striped tie.

And maybe not on at the Port of Los Angeles?

Thanks for reading!

Extra, Extra! Tam Nails It!

What the what? Tam came out of nowhere and stuck the landing on Monday night! Lovely maroon dress – note the sew crease detail on the sleeve – and an inoffensive long necklace to go with. Her hair looks great and she’s beaming, knowing we were in her corner (our love is tough love) all the time.

Judy appears to be cautioning us not to get too excited — Tam could lapse, after all.

Judy, that’s part of what keeps us watching.

We’ve seen this silk-I-think suit before. Lovely on Judy. I like the sharp shoulders. Not padded, I don’t think, or maybe slightly, but tailored.

Dave Phillipps of the New York Times sported a great look in (conservative) Colorado Springs, while reporting on the cover-up by the US military and govt of the Syrian airstrike several years ago that killed civilians. and no military. The story’s tragic, but the style is a winner. Love the red-washed walls with the black-framed artwork. Note the manual typewriter, kids, on the stand to his left. Groovy guitar to his right. Casual suede jacket and Covid beard (he’s probably better looking without that but what can we do) complete the look. Nice reporting and nice ensemble.

Stay tuned!

Asymmetry in Motion

On Friday, Judy looked as worn out as we all felt from the news this week, but still rocked a new (I think) red dress with an asymmetrical neckline. I looked on the Akris and Neiman Marcus sites to no avail. Really a great look. Sleeve length is perfect and it’s a lovely silhouette. See below.

It’s been a minute, as the kids say, so I’d like to share a few reasons, the most delightful of which is the new puppy we got three weeks ago. He is getting along well with the alpha dog, and he’s even occasionally housetrained. Also, I’ve had to go back to the office, the novelty of which has quite worn off.

During Judy’s brief nap, we got a gander at another new outfit. So grateful am I for these new looks. Material was wearing thin. (see what I did there?) I think this is leather with fabric. Really cool.

What if it was leather with velvet? That would knock this blogger’s socks off. Waiting anxiously for her to wear it again.

As far as this blogger is concerned, those were the two noteworthy outfits from Judy for some time. One reader liked the below, as do I, but it wasn’t new.

Nothing too horrific from Judy’s supporting cast, though Tam continues to believe a black blazer (undoubtedly kept on the back of her office door for just these occasions) goes with anything. I disagree. This dress was too summery for November, even paired with what I believe are high boots. Her winning smile makes up for a multitude of wardrobe missteps, though.

Here’s hoping for some new looks this upcoming week! Hate to go this long between blogs!

Escada Again!

We have noted that Judy often gets gussied up for Fridays. This Escada dress is a special-occasion favorite. Yamiche honored Judy by wearing a knock-off when she started hosting Washington Week. They both looked lovely.

At the beginning of Monday’s show, I thought Judy had assembled another sweater set herself. Doing so is not her strong suit, so to speak,. Later, there was a longer shot and lookee here, what a lovely bolero jacket and dress!

This is a very flattering cut on Judy.

Perhaps in response to our criticism, Lisa has been playing it safe. Nothing really wrong with the below. She still loves her gold hoops, unfortunately. The tortoiseshell glasses suit her. May be early for a turtleneck, but this is a mock, so we will give her a pass.

In my new effort to cover men’s fashion – and here I need all the help I can get – Judy served up a nice collar juxtaposition on Friday. Capey chose a fashion-forward spread collar, while Brooksie sported his go-to preppy button-down. I prefer a collar a little larger than Capey’s but it wasn’t a total miss. That bookshelf is way too curated (to use a sickeningly overused word) for this blogger.

Most Improved Reporter: Tam!

Nice look! This could still be the black blazer over the blue dress that I criticized, but here, paired with an interesting necklace, it works. Her hair looks lovely and her earrings do not clash with the necklace or outfit. I guess I like the blazer/dress combo this time because I am not seeing it from the side? Fickle are the ways of the blogger…

Architects are cool. Landscape architects are cooler. Even without the caption, you knew Julie was an architect, didn’t you? She is sporting the must-have heavy black frames and the carefully-cut yet careless-appearing short bleached hair. Cool segment on repurposing waste sites into parks.

Questlove is having a moment and well he should. More heavy black frames. He is so cool. Love the denim-patched denim shirt. As background, Questlove, nee Ahmir Khalib Thompson, is a musician, songwriter, DJ and overall hip guy who recently debuted as the director of Summer of Soul, about the Harlem musicfest in 1969. It was called the “Black Woodstock” but it never got any publicity outside NY. Questlove is changing that.

Anyway, Questlove is cool, he dresses cool and he’s all the rage, even on the cover of this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine:


Oops! She Wore It Again!

With apologies to Britney Spears (free Britney!) and her song, “Oops! I Did It Again,” on Wednesday, Judy wore the dress that launched a thousand comments. This dress never gets old. How much fun is it to try to guess the motifs on this Victoria Beckham number? A LOT of fun, that’s how much fun it is.

Alert reader Joanna from Canada spotted the same dress on an anchor there just the other day:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, my dear.

Lisa played it safe with a black dress to face off with Judy yesterday:

Speaking of face, Lisa was wearing a pair of perfectly fine tortoiseshell frames. The lipstick I could have done without, but the gold hoops didn’t clash with anything, and that’s progress.

Yamiche continued to stretch her fashion boundaries on Monday with this print under a jacket. Worked for me:

How does she always get her makeup just right? I bet she feels so grown up having Washington Week now and all.

I do want to comment on the guys, especially William B., I do, but I don’t know what to say about yesterday’s outfit, for example:

Nice tailoring? Like the tiny collar? Well, I don’t like the tiny collar. So there. The tie’s nice though.

Help, me out here, please!

Res Ipsa Loquitur

First-year law students learn the Latin phrase “res ipsa loquitur,” meaning “the thing itself speaks,” or “the thing speaks for itself.” It’s a fancy expression usually used in the context of negligence, as in: a piano falling from a window and crushing someone is sufficient evidence by itself of negligence.

So many titles ran through this blogger’s head for this image. “Ay Matey” first among them, but that was too obvious. “Seeing Stars” was another, but I think Res Ipsa Loquitur lends a touch of dignity to what was the most undignified moment this blogger has seen on Judy’s show.

Res ipsa loquitur = the patch speaks for itself.

Alone, and with nothing else to support it, we can conclude that Lisa does not yet know how to choose her wardrobe.

The patch could not go without comment, so Judy gave Lisa an opportunity to explain.

Lisa said she had “run into a car door.” Let’s take that on its face. She said she needed to slow down. I feel bad that Lisa hurt herself. I do. It must have been scary. Eye injuries are nothing to mess with.

But why not choose a plain eye patch in simple black? Let’s not forget that this starry monstrosity took work.

Why not simple black, Lisa?

Was this supposed to be “cute” or “fun”? Judy doesn’t do cute or fun. How is it that we viewers know this and Lisa does not? It’s not that Lisa doesn’t care with Judy thinks. I have always thought Lisa cares very much what Judy thinks. Lisa just needs a guiding hand.

Let’s turn to other wardrobe choices from last Thursday…

Judy looked swell in a long sweater set. Understated, yet elegant.

Yamiche wasn’t taking any risks, and that’s ok. Lisa took more than enough for everyone.

I like Yamiche’s white eyeshadow and nails here. Also the glossy lips.

Lisa looked darling in her interview segment:

I think she gets nervous around Judy and tries too hard. When she’s out of the studio, Lisa looks like a normal person, better dressed, even, than the average reporter on assignment:

So we know she can do it.

Fun with Latin!

Supporting Roles

Let’s spotlight our best supporting anchors:

I love that Yamiche took a gosh darn risk with this outfit. We can disagree about whether she was successful, but I love her in the pink. The puffy tulip sleeves worked for me. ( See below.) Bravo for passing over those same-old-black tops.

Amna has branched out successfully, too, and I couldn’t be prouder. Personally, this blogger would never have paired purple with purple (not least because it’s color of the hometown football team, for which I do NOT root), but it worked on Amna. Note the perfection of her hair length.

… And she did it again with this puffy-sleeved patterned dress. I don’t know WHEN I’ve seen Amna in a print. She took a risk with the earrings and I think it paid off.

Then, there’s Lisa. All you readers out there (I”m damn proud to be up to 70 followers), I like Lisa. I do. That’s why I am trying to help. The hair is out of control and she cannot accessorize to safe her life. Or, it turns out, dress herself.

Here, she pairs new sliver frames with those big gold hoops she favors and a gold necklace. Although our blog skews old-school, there is nothing forbidden about wearing silver and gold together, per se, unless it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t.

Lisa even has trepidation about her accessorizing:

Yes, the frames are silver, not gold.

Last night was an epic fail by Lisa.

An. Epic. Fail.

Where did she find this shirt? 1985? And oh sweet mother, is that a jumper she’s wearing? Why yes, it is. a jumper. On Judy’s show, no less. And I don’t mean “jumper” in the British sense of “sweater.” I mean jumper in the I’m-playing-a-third-grade-art-teacher-on-TV way. (Props to Mr. Blogger for that.) How did she pass Capitol security in that getup?

For a break, let’s go back to Judy, who has been doing her part for the environment by recycling our old faves, including this number by Victoria Beckham. I love that we still cannot identify the motif. My favorite guess came from a reader who said it’s Lucille Ball’s head. Nothing like an enduring mystery.

Plain and simple looked good, too:

The outfit of the week goes to Nancy Pelosi, who is shocked to have won, or is that just one nip-and-tuck over the line? Regardless, I love this jacket. Note the fringe lining the front opening.

I’d like to close with a public service announcement: if you are eligible for a shingles vaccine (and you probably are if you are reading this blog) — get it. Shingles sucks.

See you back here soon!

Lovely in Lilac

On Monday, Judy wore this lovely shade of, we’ll call it lilac, to permit us a snappy title.

She doesn’t look happy to have a close up, below, but the earrings worked with her eyes and the outfit:

Some of us have made rather, well, verging-on-unkind comments about Judy’s hair. It is this blogger’s duty to point out that, as of Monday, the color and the shape are looking great. No more strawberry; either the filters (thanks, Reader Gary) or the hairdresser has moved toward the blonde, to good effect. See how nice the back looks. Wonder if she’d ever dare to go gray?

Oh, Tam. A black jacket does NOT go with everything. It does not go with a red-and-blue dress. One cannot simply throw a black jacket over a dress and call it an outfit.

Mr. Blogger thinks I am being hard on Tam, because she’s a journalist who focuses on her work, not her clothes. Two responses: (1) SOMEONE has to focus on her clothes; and (2) we here at What’s Judy Woodruff Wearing are here to help Tam improve.

In this blogger’s fantasy someday, someone will point Tam gently in the direction of our blog. Just think of the good we could do! Tam, that dress looked just fine without the blazer, not too summery at all. If the studio was chilly, tough it out for your segment. Judy wore short sleeves for the whole show. Still, look at that cutie pie face.

Wait, did she paint her nails all funky and shit? That does not work with Judy’s show. Take a cue from Judy and wear clear polish if any at all.

By contrast, Amna looked lovely. She departed from the shell-and-blazer humdrum into a burnt umber (thank you Crayola for that crayon) for fall. The puffy sleeves are very 80’s-cum-2021. Love the accessories, too. Makeup complements the outfit. A perfect 10.

Even Bernie got gussied up for Judy. His hair’s all brushed (or patted down), he’s wearing a nice blue suit with a blue shirt and rep tie. Too bad he’s sound asleep. Looks like he’s dreaming of universal healthcare.

He even accessorized, I believe with a 117th Congress pin:


Really a big improvement over his inauguration outfit, fun as that was. I cannot see him without thinking of this meme, by Reeezy@MsReezy:

Bernie dressed like the inauguration is on his to do list today but ain’t his whole day.

Bernie Sanders inauguration memes are liberal comfort food - Vox

Great to be back with you!