RIP Mark Shields

We lost a a great one last weekend. Rest in peace, Mark. Look at that face!

Judy said, “everyone, EVERYONE at the News Hour loved him,” and I don’t doubt that for a second.

Some of the words the all-stars gathered to remember him used about Mark:


“Knowledge” (of politics, of sports, of anything in which he was interested)

“Irish wit”

“Velvet hammer”

“Enduring optimism about public service”

Some of the all-stars who gathered with Judy to remember dear Mark were: David Gergen, David Brooks, Robert MacNeil…

Mark’s wonderful wife, Anne…

Al Hunt (Mr. Judy)…

Mark and Anne’s daughter, Amy (Shields) Doyle, who told us her dad was just as lovely as he seemed and that he made up games for the grandkids, which he often won!

Judy closed us out by saying, “there was nobody like him.” Ain’t that the truth.

Say It Ain’t So!

Good grief — we look away for a quick minute and Judy deserts us? Alert reader Diana in LA broke the story from Variety last night. I chose this headline because it tells us who the successors are. Of course, no one person could fill Judy’s (designer) shoes. At least I think they couldn’t. She might not wear shoes, for all we know.

I”m not shocked that Amna got the nod. There were no other real contenders. Lisa needs some… seasoning, and Yamiche left the ship.

Yamiche wore a swell flowery blazer two weeks ago on Washington Week, sez alert reader Blogger’s Mom. She sent me a pic but I lost it. Geez.

But I digress.

Who is this guy, Geoff Bennett?

Not a thrilling dresser, that’s for sure, with his Brooks Bros (does that even still exist? I think a private equity shop ran it into the ground) rep tie and blue-on-blue pocket square. Tasteful but boooorrrrrriiiinnnnnnngggg.

How does Bill Brangham feel about all this? I know he prefers William, but “Bill” sounds better. What about Nick Schifrin? John Yang? They are too classy to vocalize about the upstart coming in and stealing the limelight but I wonder how they feel in the wee small hours of the night.

Let’s take a look at recent Judy outfits from best to worst:

I love Judy in a bolero jacket. Not everyone can pull off screaming neon yellow but somehow Judy does.

Though she looks skeptical, no one can wear white like Judy. This beat out the swell orange number that took bronze because this blogger could never wear white. Not only does the color not suit but the spills!

Love Judy in the militaristic look. Always have. Always will. This is pretty woolly and buttoned-up for late spring, but of course she makes it work.

Oh how we will miss you! Burgundy always works – even when her hair was a bit to the strawberry while she was WFH during the height (we hope) of the pandemic.

Everyone’s allowed an off day and Judy is no exception. The longer-style jacket doesn’t suit her but it’s the color here that washes her out.

Dear Reader, whatever will we do?

We have until after the midterm elections to prepare ourselves, so let’s not waste a minute of our time together.

Did Lisa Read Us?

Loyal readers know that I do not spare Lisa in these pages. (Some comment I am not tough enough on her. Mr. Blogger can attest to my private comments, but in this forum I am trying to have some class. Only you, dear reader, can decide whether I succeed.)

Dare we hope that Lisa has heard/read our humble blog? She has looked so much more professional lately, with a few slip-ups now and again. Her hair is still too long, her hoop earrings still too big, but let’s give praise where it’s due.

Below, Lisa’s leftward cant in the interview speaks to her newfound confidence. She looks like a seasoned pro, not a candy striper. Not lost on us is her blue Flair pen and blue paper, certainly a homage to Judy.

She even managed to look swell in this semi-ghastly floral top:

Not lost on this blogger is the fact that Lisa is not wearing glasses in any of these images. I am a big fan of specs, and sport a honkin’ pair of black frames me-self but Lisa clearly doesn’t have a trusted advisor when it comes to her spectacles. Let’s all pause a moment to recall our own least-favorite pair of Lisa’s frames.

Thank you.

Maybe she should lay off them until one of us can go with her to Warby Parker or wherever.

Michael Kofman has been on Judy’s show frequently and we couldn’t help but notice the portrait to his right. Is that Patrick Stewart dressed as Napoleon?

It sure is!

Turns out there is an artist (Steve Payne) who puts famous actors’ faces onto general’s bodies:

And I was wrong — it is a Russian general’s body DURING Napoleon’s invasion.

I would have gone for the Bill Murray myself:

Oh it’s great to be back!

Hold, Please!

Hi, Judy Friends!

I am writing to tell you why I have not been writing. You see, in addition to the crazy amount of cash dollars I make from this blog, I am a financial crime fighter. I work for an asset manager which has historically invested in Russia. As part of my job, I interpret global economic sanctions, so they know what they can do and not do.

There has been a LOT of complicated “not do” lately, needless to say, and it has made me a busy bee. SO MUCH SANCTIONS!

Please know that I have my priorities straight: Judy is at the top. I have recorded 13 Judy shows for fashion review. In the meantime, keep those comments coming!

I’ll be back!


Judy Merch!

Writing this blog has been a great experience. I started it at the instigation of Mr. Blogger, who said that as long as I was commenting on Judy’s outfit every night, I should write about it. I have so enjoyed making connections with other fans who have somehow found the blog and sent comments.

Just yesterday, Andrew wrote to me. He’s a Judy fan who has taken his Judy love in a fantastic direction: Judy merchandise! He makes shirts with Judy all over them! Here he is in one of his creations:

Isn’t it fun to know how many Judy fans there are? Judy Nation! The Judy diaspora!

Of course there are likely millions who tune into her show for unbiased reporting on the news of the day, but many of us have fallen in love with the messenger and her supporting cast along the way.

Andrew shared that his is making a new batch of these beauties. Too late for Valentine’s Day, but a great shirt is always in style. Here’s a shot of another of his creations:

I will post info on how to purchase one of these when I hear from Andrew.

Meanwhile, Judy looked skeptical but stylish on Monday in purple boucle. At least I think that’s what it was. Feel free to correct. As we loyal fans know, Judy typically accessorizes only with earrings, a watch, and what I presume is a wedding/engagement ring combo, but Monday she wore this silver heart necklace.

I took a closeup, but the resolution on my tv isn’t very good. I have been lobbying Mr. Blogger for a larger tv, but maybe I should focus, so to speak, on one with HD.

The fashion standout on Monday was not Judy or her typical supporting cast. It was this little girl in the photo accompanying the story on masks in schools:

She is one to watch. I am almost certain she chose her own outfit and she ROCKED it. The velveteen jacket recalls Prince’s heyday.:

Before The Rain 1980 to 1984: How Prince Got 'The Look' - The Costume  Society

The lapels alone could launch a thousand blogs.

The little girl’s tulle-and-flowers skirt is fit for a princess, and I bet that’s a princess peeking out of the jacket on the t-shirt. The shoes are perfect and the pink flowered mask ties it all together. I even love the picture she’s coloring. Way to go, you precocious fashionista!

Happy Days Are Here Again!

I should never have doubted Judy. Mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa!

Yesterday, thanks to alert readers Blogger’s Mom and Ashley, I was immediately alerted to this fab new look on Judy, though I was out to dinner (hamburger joint) at the time. Apologies for poor resolution on these images but I hope you get the gist.

My first impression was that Judy had gone cammo, but upon closer inspection the dress fabric was revealed to have a wintry flower pattern. So perfect for these dark days of winter! But what was the pin? Let me see if I can find out anything. Hold please, while I consult the Research Desk…

Can’t find anything. Darn.

Let’s take a second look. I wouldn’t have worn a pin with this outfit but I am just so tickled to have more to work with I am at a loss!

Yes this dress really works. Doesn’t detract from the stories she’s covering, yet underscores her commitment to high fashion. Well, high news anchor fashion.

We’d have to go to Pittsburgh native Billy Porter for true high fashion:

On Tuesday, Judy needed a little rest mid-news hour, but she paired the RIGHT green cardigan with her dress. Love the jacket. At first I thought it was a bolero, but it’s too long for that. The sleeves are just right. Betting this is Akris.

Judy started the week off right with a lovely winter white outfit. Love, love, love the traditional collar on the blazer and the jewel neckline on the dress beneath. Perfect.

Judy, we count on you for so much more than the news.

Thank you for brightening up our winter days with your smart looks!

Gimme Something to Work with, Judy!

What a ho-hum week. I am tempted to agree with commenter Julie, who wrote “some of Judy’s clothing is dull and repetitive.” I was under no obligation to approve that comment, mind you, but I did. What’s worse, I fear that this week, at least, Julie was right.

Take a gander:

Apologies for poor photo quality but crisper focus would not have livened up Judy’s selections this week.

Is she feeling the same Covid/winter/climate change/armageddon blues as ordinary mortals? Say it ain’t so.

But maybe it is, because Wednesday brought no relief.

Slightly interesting cut of this dress, but we must admit it was “repetitive.”

Fortunately, we had Judy’s supporting cast to liven things up:

That Tam is just a darn BUTTON I tell you. Look at that little tiny smile! Love her.

Don’t love the earrings.

Save them for jeans and a white button-down, Tammy. Maybe throw in some nice Frye boots.

Lisa did better than usual early in the week. Some love her hoops but not this blogger.

Is it Covid that keeps her from getting a haircut? ABOVE THE SHOULDERS, I say. Her face is long, and that’s ok, but the length of her hair makes it look REALLY long, almost like this: Lugz Men's Convoy Lace-Up Work Boot Black, 14 : Clothing, Shoes  & Jewelry

I guess that’s mean, but this blogger also has a long face, so I know from whence I speak. Finally got my Covid locks cut this week. Yes, above the shoulder. Do I wish I could carry off longer hair, sure, sometimes, but let’s be real.

You don’t want to know how many pictures my camera person (just kidding, I) took to try to make Lisa’s head look, well, proportionate, on Wednesday.

Nothing doing.

Lisa does not seem to take our advice, no matter how direct.

Could it be she does not read our blog? Perish the thought.

I fear someone at Judy’s show is mean-spiritied. For the longest time, like months, anytime there was a story on unemployment, they showed the same line, at the head of which was a woman in a Jack Skellington hoodie. I am sure she didn’t appreaciate the air time.

They changed the picture for the latest story on unemployment, but I ask you…

One can only hope Brooksy and Capey will liven up the sartorial story for us this evening.


Judy’s on Jeopardy

Note the title does not say “Judy’s IN Jeopardy.” That would be awful.

I have a feeling that many of us who watch Judy also watch Jeopardy. (The good money says we also watch All Creatures Great and Small, but that’s for another post.) Perhaps we play along with the contestants, envisioning ourselves besting one or more of them.

But not Amy Schneider. She rules.

Amy Schneider Beats Family Record As Her 'Jeopardy!' Win Streak Continues

She is a super-champion and you can feel through the tv that boy-next-door Ken Jennings is rooting for her.

Still, all the contestants, EVEN AMY, missed the clue about Judy, which was totally easy (I forget exactly what it was and I can’t find it on the Interweb, but rest assured you, dear reader, would have gotten it without the picture). But there WAS a picture, and a lovely one from days of yore. (See above.)

You could tell on Tuesday that Judy was still reeling from the shock:

Loved the outfit and alert reader John was the first to note that it’s new. What is that, cornflower blue? Love it. So powdery and just right for right now.

The close of 2021 saw lots of Amna as Judy took a well-deserved week off. Some outfits were better than others.

The above didn’t do it for me. Too boxy.

Now this one, in burnt umber (thanks Crayola) was a winner. Nice sleeve length, puffy shoulders are au courant and the nails were a dandy accompaniment.

This one wasn’t so appropriate for winter. I don’t give a care how hot those studio lights were. It was December.

Classic Amna showed up in her semi-famous “paper-clip” necklace and tailored jacket. Point: Amna.

Hilarious commenter Diana from LA reported today that Fox News has attempted to drive a wedge between Judy and Yamiche, asserting that Judy was “frustrated” that Yammy scored an interview with Prez Joe and Judy didn’t. Let’s see if Judy’s Twitter account mentions this alleged spat. Hold, please.

Of course it doesn’t. I am biased, duh, but it just doesn’t fit with everything we’ve known about Judy forever. It does fit with Fox News. Still, props to Diana for noting it and keeping tabs on all kinds of media for us.

Keep those comments coming! Belated happy new year!

It’s Sweater Weather!

How much do I wish I could say I snapped this after Judy and I had a few pops at lunch in her swank DC pad? A lot.

Still, this blogger is grateful for the Judy GOLD sent by alert reader Rich. Only Judy could pull off this nutty sweater. She kills me. Sweater weather, indeed.

Blue seemed to be a theme this week. This dress-and-jacket combo is not new, but it works every time.

This is my (second) favorite Judy look of the week. I love the color and the whole look. So elegant and yet cutting edge.

The rest of the week was rather blah.

Yes, this dress has the proper sleeve length. Yes, it’s an elegant cut, yes it fits Judy perfectly, and still I say… meh.

The maroon or whatever shade it is dress was better. I like the sleeve length and the slightly puffed shoulders make it au courant.

Rare misstep here. The color doesn’t flatter and the sleeves are a tad too short, especially for December. Must be hot in the studio.

Amna’s looks continue to delight. She appears to know that dusty rose is one of her colors. Nice blazer and shell combo.

Brooksie looked great on Friday. Love the windowpane shirt, though I would have thought it was more of a summer look, but I am out of my depth in men’s haberdashery. Still love the button-down collar and the preppy-yet-stylish tie brings it all together.

Reader Jen alerted me to Capey’s Friday splendor. This blogger was at zoo lights with the family during Judy’s show. Thanks to Jen, I went back and it was worth it. I never in a million years would have endorsed a BROWN tie. The wool jacket with the simple pocket hankie (fingers crossed it’s unused) and a plain white shirt (collar still too small for this blogger) really worked. Go Capey!

Here’s to donning our best holiday sweaters this week!

Merry merry to you all!

Judy Gets Festive!

It’s holiday time here at the blog, and I for one am glad to see our fearless leader gettin’ in the spirit of the thing. Love this red jacket-and-dress combo. Red has been one of her best colors, other than during those awkward few months when her hair was strawberry-ish. Who didn’t do some crazy hair thing in the dark days of the pandemic’s infancy?

I also dug this dress. Judy seems to be choosing longer short sleeves and they become her. She is a quiet fashion icon. Wonder who made this? Maybe Akris? Escada?

Judy took PBS to the cutting edge of fashion last night (and to the cutting edge of fashion was a long way to go for PBS) with this hot number. I went nose-to-tv screen to check out the neckline. It looked like a cowl neck to me, but I wasn’t sure until we got this shot of her from the back. I’m still not sure. Looks like a shawl collar in back.

Who looks as good from the back as Judy, I ask you? Not I. Look at that hair (as discussed some time ago, it could be a fall but what a fall it is). Anyway, the collar is great. Here’s hoping she wears the getup again. I am sure she won’t disappoint.

Speaking of “disappoint,” this outfit of Lisa’s didn’t work for me. Boat necks are tough to pull off for anyone. The earrings worked, for one reader at least, who inquired where she might find them. I don’t know, but I throw it to you, dear readers.

Amna freaking killed it last night. Look at this beautiful purple and black top with a nice turtleneck. I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me this holiday season to see Amna livening up her wardrobe. She also has taken a page from Yamiche and dusted her eyelids with a shade that complements the top. Nice MODEST hoop earrings, too. Look at that hair. I think I see some highlights which, while unnecessary, give her look added depth. Let’s drink a cup of cheer to Amna!

Speaking of turtlenecks, I simply must take this opportunity to share my perennial fave New Yorker cartoon:

Now THAT’s comedy.

I saved the best for last, like the proverbial partridge in a pear tree (wait, that was the first gift, not the last. But it’s sung last in the song. I digress).

Judy watchers know Paul Solman loves himself a hat.

But it’s not always the right hat.

Reporting from Casablanca, presumably, Paul can be seen bringing us a story on supply chain problems. The story was fascinating, as was his outfit. What’s up with that tie? No really, what is up with it?

Ok he was reporting from LA, and yet…

I’m not saying that no one can carry off a Panama hat and light-colored suit.

See, e.g., Sir Ian McKellen:

sir Ian Mckellen | Sir ian mckellen, Ian mckellen, Actors

But maybe not with a green, horizontally-striped tie.

And maybe not on at the Port of Los Angeles?

Thanks for reading!