My name is Megan. I have been watching the PBS Newshour for years. Every time I see Judy Woodruff, I get happy. She is intelligent, incisive, insightful and as far as I can tell, a great role model. I’m 52, so I shouldn’t need role models, but guess what? I still like having them. There isn’t anything else you need to know about me right now.

This is about Judy.

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  1. What is the pattern on Judy’s dress tonight 9/11/20? She wears it a lot but I can’t figure it out.
    Cherry bouquets?
    Lucille Ball wig head?
    99 red balloons?
    What is it?


  2. I love this blog. My husband and I constantly talk about Lisa’s cat and am glad we aren’t the only ones ! And love your sartorial comments. Judy is a nerd fashion icon


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