The First Post

I just love Judy Woodruff. She is smart, incisive, civil, insightful, poised and, as far as I can tell, a great role model for any aspiring journalist. I tune in most evenings to The PBS Newshour and I have become enamored of her sartorial choices. Never stuffy, never racy, never faddish, but always just right.

When you search “Judy Woodruff” on Google, you get thousands of hits, some about her clothes, but I think this is the first one solely focused on her clothes.

Why her clothes? Why not her journalism? Books should be written about her journalism. This is just for fun. She’s so boss with those cool lady-suits and those dangly earrings. What are they? Rubies? High-class paste?

I should add that I don’t know much about fashion so you won’t see brand names here. She might be wearing Chanel, but she might be wearing something downmarket that only she has the flair to pull off.

In this time of COVID-induced self-quarantine, of elastic waistbands, baseball caps and infrequent showers, it’s a delight to tune in every evening to see Judy. She looks like a damn million bucks, sitting in front of her bookshelf (but what happened to the Grant biography? It was there a day ago) all turned out and spiffy. It just makes me happy.

So here we go…

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