TGI Shields and Brooks! Who doesn’t love the gentle vying of Mark and David for Judy’s affections? Despite Brooks’ charm (and occasional curls in back), Shields is the perennial winner. Who wouldn’t fall for that disheveled charm, those rep ties and gingham shirts?

Today, I will pimp two sites: Room Rater (@ratemyskpyeroom). Twitter neophytes, I promise it’s worth the effort to see the authors’ ratings of pundits’ Skype / Zoom rooms. Bonus points for finding Judy’s (I couldn’t). I learned that Lisa took their advice. (Her room was looking crackhouse-grim, but a new camera angle cleared it up.) The other is The New York Times’ “What Do Famous People’s Bookshelves Reveal?” Apologies for the paywall.

Speaking of bookshelves, no movement on Judy’s today. Grant is still atop Gettysburg.

OK, to the guts. I was initially shocked to see Judy pairing a plum (thanks, Peter) boucle jacket with red dangly earrings. Even Judy couldn’t pull off the red-purple combo. I was concerned that the White House’s refusal to allow Fauci to testify had knocked her off her sartorial game. Reader, I was wrong. The little knobbies in Judy’s plum jacket are red! It was just another brilliant pairing. With that I bid you Good Weekend. Remember, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be different than other days.

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