I did better with the photo, so that’s something.

Judy, you didn’t give me much to work with today. I could point out that the dress is royal blue, because you are the QUEEN of the evening news, but that’s a softball.

At first I thought the earrings were nothing special; just faux pearls. But what if they’re real? That would be cool. What if they are encircled by sapphires? Would she go that large for an at-home taping? I can’t say.

The intrigue is playing out behind Judy, so to speak. “Grant” is back. This blogger must ask why. Should I posit that she burned through the second half these past few days, due to a (misplaced) sense of duty to her viewership that she not have anything on her shelves she hasn’t read cover to cover? And why is Grant atop Gettysburg? Is that somehow symbolic? If so, how? He wasn’t there, as Judy’s viewers are sure to know. And bonus points to the reader who can tell me what’s atop “Grant.” Kudos to you, Judy, for having “Little Green Men” by Christoper Buckley right next to that pile of history.

Sure, we’ve lost 30 million jobs in six weeks, but Judy’s keeping up appearances for us all. She hasn’t resorted to the same old jeans (or has she? are they mom jeans, if so? St. John does make jeans, so maybe…), ponytail and ball cap into which some of us slid down the WFH slope. Her outfit reflects the seriousness of the shit she reports.

Judy, I could really use a two-piece outfit or a print from you tomorrow.

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