I know it’s not deliberate — yet — but Judy’s not giving me much to work with. The black dress is flattering and reflects these sober times but what more is there to say? I applaud her for refusing to wear turtlenecks or scarves, like so many of us of a certain age.

The black and silver drop earrings (thank you, Kate, for giving me the right word) remind me of the annual pearls sale the Japanese embassy used to have in DC. All of us kids flocked to it. Maybe Judy had an intern pop over and pick these up. The bottom part of the earrings could, we can hope, can’t we, be black pearls.

The drop earrings do liven up today’s missive, because they can be controversial in the workplace. As Kate suggested, they may not be appropriate there at all. The Comments section is not the first place this blogger has heard that. Years ago, I worked with an icky older man at Evil Big Bank who slavered that drop earrings were too “erotic” to wear at work. And he wasn’t talking about his ears.

I won’t go that far but I would like to see Judy switch up her look. As Kate suggested, perhaps some diamond studs?

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OK, not LeBron-sized diamond studs.

Poor Judy’s lobes would be down to her knees. Something tasteful, more than a chip but less than a fist.

Speaking of LeBron, I might need to turn to sports players’ old looks to liven up this blog. Back in the studio, I could see Judy’s hands and tasteful watch. Now I am limited to her (admittedly lovely) torso. I’m begging any of you who know her to ask her to liven it up for one of her most ardent fans. Mary, I’d take pajamas.

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  1. The black dress did reflect the gravity of the news, but I thought it made Judy look washed out—and in general, she has just seemed…tired. As, of course, she must be. I’m not sure what I would be doing if I were forced to look camera-ready during all this. I’ve forgotten what earrings ARE.


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