Judy, Judy, Judy! Look at you! You saved me from the slough of despond today! You dialed it up several notches! Here I was, fearful I’d tune in to you in a Snuggie today. No, it’s a fetching combo: a silk, single-button blue blazer (Royal?) with a textured cornflower shell underneath. So perfect with your eyes!

And what’s that I spy? Studs! Yes! Some lovely chunky silver things.

She’s as fresh as a House intern on the Hill, as lovely as a law student going for that first internship with the white-shoe firm, as crisp as a Braeburn apple in October…

OK, I jumped the shark (who doesn’t like a Happy Days reference) with that last one.

You did it! Thank you!

Two days until Shields and Brooks, but who’s counting?

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  1. Totally agree—Judy GLOWED last night. And her questioning of the Southwest exec was forceful and energetic—I had worried that she seemed listless at times. Maybe the poor woman just finally got a good night’s sleep. Anyway, the colors were glorious on her—the Judy-in-black of the night before looks like her grandmother. A PHOENIX, our Judy!


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