After several good days, we were in for a letdown. I will say that Judy’s hair looks softer around her face, which flatters her, but how many times must I write about burgundy or whatever shade this is? (See, e.g., May 8 post.) It would be one thing if Judy had but a few outfits which she repeated on a short rotation. No, she has many burgundy tops.

Come on, woman.

Dear husband noticed that a spring arrangement of lilies and roses replaced the tasteful white bunch she had in the vase to her left (our right) before. Mother’s Day gift? I wonder. Dear Commenter Mary noted that the (coin-bank) globe is still to Judy’s right (our left), so the world hasn’t been turned upside-down, so to speak.

These are super-drop earrings. I don’t mean they are super, drop earrings. I don’t love them. I counted six parts on each earring. They practically brush her shoulders.

During the two excellent interviews Judy did tonight, she gestured with her hands, her dear little hands, and I noticed that she is not doing or having her nails done. You go. I also noticed what I’m pretty sure was a Bic clear Stik pen from the old days. I love those. It’s a change from the flair-tip (holy cow, how many hyphens can one posting sustain?) markers she uses in the studio. Remember the studio? I hardly do.

She really gave Sen. Bill Cassidy the business. I couldn’t understand his responses, and neither could she, but Judy didn’t stop trying. Respect.

Respect also not just for Sen. Patty Murray’s responses to Judy’s questions but for the beautiful cabinetry in the senator’s home. She’s from Washington State, so perhaps the wood was harvested from local – sustainable – forests? Check these out, baby:

Really fine craftsmanship and nice hardware, if we’re allowed to say that on PBS.

Until tomorrow…

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  1. I think the most striking thing about this post is that your husband noticed that the flower arrangement had been changed.
    Judy was ON tonight. And gotta say I loved the earrings—dressed up a plain dress. Plain burgundy dress.


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