Judy, looks like you chose a royal blue dress with a simple scooped neckline. I am fine with that, though a pan to the right would reveal that your admirer (doubtless one of many) needs to send a fresh bouquet. It’s not a headdress, as one commenter suggested. At least we still have the coin globe. What are those earrings? I don’t understand them, so how can I rate them? A gift, perhaps.

Up to 90,000 U.S. COVID deaths, but our president revealed today that we can rest easty because he has been taking a drug known to cause heart problems and notably NOT known to stave off COVID as a prophylactic. No giggling in the peanut gallery over that word. Of course, the president didn’t use it, because he doesn’t know it. He reports, “so far, I seem to be OK.” Based on whose measure?

*** NEWS FLASH ***

I have two new crushes: the adorable NZ PM, Jacinda Ardem and the dear doctor Atul Gawande. More on him later.


Making sure you saw the Times piece last Friday about the fact that women leaders are handling the pandemic better than the men. Duh. How is that news? Still and all, a good article: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/15/world/coronavirus-women-leaders.html
Check this look:

No drop earrings there. She’s all business. Hair pulled back. No unproven drugs for her.

Atul Gawande, total dude, Dr. at Brigham and Womens, contributor to The New Yorker, author of Being Mortal, which I cannot recommend highly enough:

Dr. Gawande showed up for Judy tonight. Who would turn down an invite from Judy? Only a boor. Dr. Gawande sported a somehow-entirely-appropriate gameshow-host-suitable purple blazer as he discussed the “keep me safe, leave me alone debate,” concluding that his position is, “I never want to be the one that puts you in the hospital.” I don’t want that either, unless YOU’RE the attending, Dr. Smooth.

Look at that engaged half-squint. So intelligent, sincere yet wordly for a young man. Does it not instill confidence, his lab coat hanging prominently on the door? This man is ready to SERVE.

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  1. Seeing the words “president”and “prophylactic” in the same sentence is no way to start the day—but when you realize he’s taking a heart-stopping drug, the sun shines, the birds sing…
    Your swooning over Dr. Gawande’s purple blazer made me laugh out loud. It’s been a long lockdown.


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