Miss the weekly trivia night at your favorite watering hole? No matter, it’s game night here at the blog!

First up: Spot the Differences!


And May 14:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0885.jpg

You’re right! There are four: the earrings for today’s show are pearl studs; 5/14’s were drops. Today’s black layer looks like an unstructured cardigan, while 5/14’s was a tailored jacket. Today’s red shell is more cherry-forward, while 5/14’s was more to the coral. Bonus points for recalling that today’s flowers were the faux white ones from pre-5/14. 5/14 had fresh.

Still, I am left with the uncomfortable feeling that tonight, Judy was not giving us her all.

Game #2: On a photo alone, guess the party affiliations of two senators:

Nice work, you!

The top is Republican Senator Pat Toomey from the great state of Pennsylvania. The bottom, Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Was it the crammed Office Depot-issue shelves in the basement that gave Sherrod away? The pilled First Amendment pillow on his sad rocker? The self-cut hair? Or did you spot the thin-lipped, purple venetian blinds-backed, tailored real curtains in the Capitol that tipped Toomey’s hand?

By the way, how did wearing masks to protect others become a partisan issue? Mine has sock monkeys on it.


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  1. Just wondering if you have feelings one way or another about stacking books sideways. It certainly makes it easier to read the spines, but a whole lot harder to get one off the bottom of the pile. And do not even get me started on those plaid curtains held aside in a tidy drape with the gold tie backs.


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