Judy never rests! A toast to Judy! No Memorial Day holiday for Judy during COVID times! Judy! Judy! Judy! So dressy, the burgundy with the drop earrings. Here I was, in my work jeans and t-shirt, sitting on my COVID beach reading Steven King:

Enjoying a G&T with Husband (dry martini for him), and there’s Judy in her finery.

How DOES she do it, day after day? Other anchors might retreat to their Hamptons spread, but not Judy. She is serving, day after day. For real.

She covered Trump’s unwelcome visit to Baltimore. Ol’ Jack Young asked him not to come,

and apparently did not cut the grass to ease hizzoner’s footfalls. Good on you, Jack

This blogger is happy to see that Joe has agreed to wear a muzzle. Really, that’s best for everyone for the next several months.

Happy Decoration Day, everyone. Kudos all over the place to Judy for not taking the day off and for getting all gussied up for us.

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