It must be after Memorial Day, because Judy has gone bare-armed! And what lovely bare arms they are. Causes this blogger to ask if there’s a rule chez Judy, “no a/c until after June 15.” Just wondering. She looks great. I love the black-and-blue metallic top and of course the entirely appropriate silver earrings. Frankly, she could come out in a tube top today and I’d applaud; she has a lot of credit in the Bank of Judy Love for appearing live on Memorial Day.

Today, French President Macron pledged a ton of francs to help the French auto industry. Auto industry? To quote Cruiser, in the 1981 classic, Stripes, “There was one?”

iran, shiraz, peugeot, white, car, rust, persia, old, mode of transportation, HD wallpaper

In bleak news, a Minneapolis police officer kneeled with his full weight on the neck of a man named George Floyd while Mr. Floyd was on the ground, handcuffed on suspicion of FORGERY. That’s right, forgery. Mr. Floyd said repeatedly, “I can’t breathe,” while onlookers pleaded with the other three officers on the scene to make their colleague stop suffocating Mr. Floyd. The officer kneeled on Mr. Floyd’s neck for seven minutes while the other officers looked on. The bad-apple theory goes out the window when there are four officers, not one bad one, involved. Mr. Floyd died.

“I can’t breathe” was uttered infamously 11 times by Eric Garner, who also died at the hands of police. This is not a tagline, folks. They CAN’T BREATHE because a police officer is suffocating them to death.

PBS NewsHour had a brief clip of adorable Minneapolis mayor, Jacob Frey, who has said and done the right thing in this so far, despite being about 20 years old:

Precise Solutions for Precise Damage: An Interview with ...

PBS has a more substantive interview with sister-city mayor Melvin Carter:

St. Paul mayor proposes $3.25M emergency fund for impacted ...

Stay tuned on this one.

Also noteworthy was the “Cooper” altercation in an area of Central Park called the Ramble. Mr. Cooper, an African-American bird-watcher, asked Ms. Cooper (no relation), a white woman, to leash her dog, presumably because the dog would have interfered with his bird-watching. Ms. Cooper refused and called the police, which Mr. Cooper filmed. Ms. Cooper said, “I”m going to tell them there’s an African-American man threatening my life.” Mr. Cooper filmed the whole interaction. He noted to the Times, ““I am one of the few male African-Americans who birds the Ramble regularly, and I have always been aware that if I am crawling around behind a shrub trying to catch a glimpse of that rare bird, holding a metal object in my hands, I will be perceived differently than a white man if police come across that scene.”

Internet justice was swift. As of this writing, Ms. Cooper has no dog and no job.

She is alive, though.

Video of Amy Cooper with her dog in Central Park was widely shared on social media on Monday.

Lastly, you might have seen that Trump has threatened to pull the Republican convention from my former hometown, Charlotte, NC, if the city doesn’t lift its quarantine quickly enough to suit his highness. Luckily for the country, GA and FL have stepped up. How to choose, how to choose?

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