Judy took summer a step further today. It was humid in the mid-Atlantic, and she took the opportunity to go full sleeveless. Also love the I-want-to-believe-they-are-diamonds earrings. We have discussed Judy’s necklines, but not spent much ink on her sleeve-lines. She looks fantastic. Really nice arms, second perhaps to Michelle Obama.

How to Get Arms like Michelle Obama

Judy does give Becoming there a run for her money, come to think of it. Go, Judy!

After a few serious days, let’s focus on the A-listers Judy had on the show today. Tiny Tony Fauci led off:

He made Judy look like a gargantua. No wonder she had to close her eyes. Dr. Fauci was resolutely, if measured-ly, upbeat about the COVID situation.

Next up, facemask/scarf maven Madame Speaker:

You wouldn’t think the Speaker has 7 years on Judy, but she does. Sure, they’ve both had work done, but that is beyond the bounds of this blog to speculate upon.

Nancy’s look is flawless: light-grey textured jacket, white shell, cream-with-roses mask that sets off the blue and green of her necklace. Way to go, Nancy.

Thanks, ladies, you nailed it today. (I don’t mean to leave out Dr. Fauci but there isn’t much to say there.)

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  1. You left out His Honor the luscious mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey—spurred by your comments I refocused in him tonight. What a cupcake,and saying very much the right things.


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