What a f&^*ing week! Judy did it justice with her short-sleeved metallic blue and super red-and-orange drop earrings. They are double-drop. I wouldn’t have paired them with this top but of course Judy can.

First thing that came to mind today was of course the rioting pursuant to the killing of Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis. The Onion had it right, as usual:

Protestors Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First

MINNEAPOLIS—Calling for a more measured way to express opposition to police brutality, critics slammed demonstrators Thursday for recklessly looting businesses without forming a private equity firm first. “Look, we all have the right to protest, but that doesn’t mean you can just rush in and destroy any business without gathering a group of clandestine investors to purchase it at a severely reduced price and slowly bleed it to death,” said Facebook commenter Amy Mulrain, echoing the sentiments of detractors nationwide who blasted the demonstrators for not hiring a consultant group to take stock of a struggling company’s assets before plundering. “I understand that people are angry, but they shouldn’t just endanger businesses without even a thought to enriching themselves through leveraged buyouts and across-the-board terminations. It’s disgusting to put workers at risk by looting. You do it by chipping away at their health benefits and eventually laying them off. There’s a right way and wrong way to do this.” At press time, critics recommended that protestors hold law enforcement accountable by simply purchasing the Minneapolis police department from taxpayers.

God-darn-it, Joe Biden missed another golden opportunity, despite LOOKING presidential on Judy’s show tonight:

We needed a leader, as David Brooks pointed out. We needed commensurate outrage. As David said, we needed an Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, a Bobby Kennedy at the assassination of MLK, a Reagan after Challenger, even a Bush after 9/11. We didn’t get that from Joe Biden. We got mealy-mouthed nothing-talk.

Judy did treat us to the most p.c. bookshelf ever. This cannot have come about by chance:

Feast your eyes on that background. Was he filming in Politics and Prose? It says he was in NJ, so I guess not.

Perhaps aided by the comfy chair behind him this week, Brooks held Trump accountable for his words, which I called him out for failing to do last week, citing Trump’s “looting and shooting” remark as a clear reference to the 1970 remarks by the then-Miami police chief, Hadley:

Image: Rev. Theodore Gibson, right, active in fostering smooth interracial relations in Miami, Fla., tells the Miami City Commission he favors strong action against crime, Dec. 30, 1967. He added he believed Miami Police Chief Walter Headley, left,

Feast your eyes on the fellow on the left. Chief Hadley said, “We don’t mind being accused of police brutality,” and, “There is only one way to handle looters and arsonists during a riot and that is to shoot them on sight. I’ve let the word filter down: When the looting starts the shooting starts.”

In other significant news, Mark Shields appears to have redecorated. The geyser picture to his left, our right, has disappeared.



And no speech from the president noting that we have surpassed 100,000 deaths from COVID.

I guess it’s been a week of change for us all.

Have a great weekend!

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