OMG my love for Judy knows no bounds!

Loving the metallic-blue top. She seems to favor those. Works with the hair. She loves those new earrings. Maybe they were a gift? Let’s go back to the top: look at that with her eyes! Give her a hand! Keep reading til the end, because she killed it today, all the way til the close.

As Judy noted, pushing the pandemic out of the headlines was the George Floyd story. (Not to be confused with the David Lloyd George story. We don’t have time for that WWI PM at the moment.) Where was the federal leadership at this critical time in our nation’s history? Hiding in the bunker at the White House, and communicating only through Twitter. Trump did take a moment on a conference call to chastise the nation’s governors, saying that they have to “dominate” or they will look like “jerks.” I’m sure that shook them to their respective cores.

As of this writing, the three cops who stood by and watched Mr. Floyd be murdered have not been arrested or charged.

In related sartorial news, I give the nod to Nordstrom. Not only do their cashiers walk out from behind the cash register to hand you your purchase in the iconic metallic grey bag, when the flagship store was trashed in the protests this weekend, did the the clothing giant cry over spilt accessories?


“The events of this weekend are one more painful reminder that injustice remains in our world,” Nordstrom said on its website on Monday. “We can fix the damage to our stores. Windows and merchandise can be replaced. We continue to believe as strongly as ever that tremendous change is needed to address the issues facing Black people in our country today.”

Judy continued coverage of the protests, turning to former Philly mayor Michael Nutter and… Wait just a minute! What WAS that ? The sheriff of Genesee, Michigan, home of Flint.

I really need you to see this:

OK, white supremacist all day long, right? No, as it happens. Look at the vertical on that hair. Look at the streaks of blonde in it. You know Chris Swanson had a sweet hockey mullet in Flint back in the day. But let’s turn to yesterday.

When his force was called in to quiet the protests, Sheriff Swanson took a look, read the room (does anyone even remember how to do that) and decided the right thing was to put down his baton and join the protesters:

Johnie Franklin of Flint takes a selfie with Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson as he marches with protesters against police brutality and in memory of George Floyd on Saturday in Flint Township, Michigan.

He said he was turning the protest into a parade and by goodness, he did. No matter his shiny blue suit (which, come to think of it, would have made a striking prom combo with Judy’s metallic blue dress today) and big brass nameplate. There were:

NO arrests

NO fires

NO injuries

in Flint under his watch. This in stark contrast to Trump, as Mayor Nutter said, “Donald Trump has no idea how to manage in a crisis. He has no feel for the street.”

Kidding aside, I teared up when Judy said as the capstone to today’s exceptionally fine program:

We will do our part to listen calmly to all voices, to keep on striving for a society that respects and honors each human life, regardless of race, gender, ethnic background or religious belief, even in the midst of a pandemic. We owe you no less.”

Isn’t that what journalism is supposed to be about?

So often, art can bring us hope and joy. Christo, RIP, and his wife Jeanne-Claude, did that for me, whether it was wrapping the Keys in pink fabric:

Christo and Jeanne-Claude | Projects | Surrounded Islands

Or the Reichstag in grey cloth:

Wrapped Reichstag | Christo: the artist's greatest works, & the ...

Or Central Park in joyful orange banners (bonus points for spotting the blogger):

Try to stay hopeful, everyone!

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