Ordinarily, I am a fan of bright orange for blondes, but as at least one commenter has noted, Judy is not a blonde, but a strawberry blonde these days. I like the cap sleeves and the zipper and the collar, but does the color work? I think it’s too much orange-with-orange today, sorry to report.

Judy breezed right over the fact that, thanks to that weasel (I just finished a Steven King book that had shit weasels, but I shy away from profanity) Barr, the federal government is going to execute 5 death-row inmates, after an almost 20-year hiatus.

Good story on Breanna Taylor and the belated end of no-knock warrants in Louisville. Have to wonder, though. She was shot 8 times in her own apartment in March. Is it because she’s female that she hasn’t gotten as much press as the black men who have been executed by the police?

But wait just a minute… a star is born! WHERE has Judy been hiding Stephanie Sy?

How lovely and what a great dresser! Nuclear power, indeed! She can tell me about the China-India border clashes anytime!

In other news, NY Times says that a common steroid has proven effective in helping severely ill sufferers from COVID-19. Let’s hold on to that hope, gang!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more about the color.
    But shy not away from calling Barr a shot weasel. The term is, if anything, too good for him—shit weasels all over the world will take offense.


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