Judy looked positively noble this evening in a navy blue covered-button blouse and silver earrings. Great color with those eyes.

Too bad she didn’t give me enough to work with for the blog. I am committed to trying to be mostly positive in this forum, so tonight was a challenge.

SCOTUS handed a huge and frankly surprising win for LGBTQ community by ruling that federal civil rights laws prohibit job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or transgender identity. I would have thought they’d go all originialist and hold that the Civil Rights Act did not contemplate gays or transgender folks, but I was wrong, happily.

In other news, police shot and killed Rayshard Brooks after finding him asleep in a Wendy’s drive thru. Those lines ARE long these days. Tragically, during his encounter with police, he offered to lock up his car under their supervision and walk to his sister’s house. “I can just go home,” he said. Why are so many de-escalation opportunities not taken by police?

More to come, certainly, on the story about two black men found hanged in trees in LA, first ruled suicides.

Warning: I’m going off script here.

Judy was too decent to report on this, but the NY Times is not. And neither am I.

Trump has been wobbly (and we don’t mean sympathetic to labor unions) in two recent appearances. He had trouble raising a glass of water to his arguably slimy lips (ok paragraph one commitment has limited applicability) and he walked down a ramp super-cautiously. I freely admit to having a case of falling-down-the-stairs-a- phobia, so maybe Trump has that, but it doesn’t explain the water thing.

On the West Point ramp, he looked really tentative and old until he got to the end, when he sped up. During the West Point speech, he used his left hand to help lift the small glass of water in his right:

Small things, yes, but media outlets all over have picked them up. Here’s a link to the Times article:

Come on, it’s fun. Need something to look at on a Monday. Pretty as Judy is, she can’t hold our attention forever.

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  1. Remember all the crap he gave Hilary Clinton when she stumbled getting into a car? All those rumors about disease and dementia? Serves him damn right.
    Keep bringing it up. Judy can’t ignore it forever.


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