I don’t care what anyone says — Judy looks like a million bucks, and I caught her smiling! I love the ’90s zipper look. So Commander Salamander (for those old enough to remember the punk mecca in Georgetown). The earrings have black in the center, I think, and they go marvelously! Knocked it out of the park!

Who else looked great while slamming Bolton’s cowardice while in the White House? Yes, Nancy Pelosi. She’s wearing her hair less helmet-y, too, and the pink flatters her. How many masks does the Speaker have, this blogger is left to wonder? Noteworthy is the fact that she’s sneering in both pics I snapped. Bolton does that to a girl.

During the interview with Ohio Guv Mike DeWine, I couldn’t help but notice that his globe (dark blue, on the right in the photo below, between the American flag and presumably, yawn, the flag of the great state of Ohio) rotates continuously.

I don’t think that’s a detail that veteran reporter, Judy Woodruff, would have missed. Did he put it there to taunt her? After all, as far as this blogger has been able to deduce, hers is a simple coin bank. It might be dented on the back, there on Africa, for all we know. His spins ’round and ’round seemingly without friction or effort.

Props to PBS for playing the Brooks’ family segment on older people and COVID, warning that an entire generation of comic genius, from Mel to Carl Reiner to Dick Van Dyke, could be wiped out by careless members of the younger generation and positing a solution of putting the older generation behind glass:

Nice look and nice show tonight, Judy!

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  1. MUCH nicer color on Judy tonight! And I love the idea of Globe Wars—the things you notice!!
    Beginning to wonder, though, why you never comment on Nick Schifrin—WAY smart and cute as a button. Are you indifferent to his charms??


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