Perfect outfit for Judyteenth! What? It’s JUNEteenth, you say?

Well, that’s nice, too.

Love the navy textured look with the gold piping. There is a gold bead in the middle of the drop earrings, so that’s swell.

Today is also the largest single-day uptick in global COVID cases: 150,000. That’s not good. All evidence says wearing masks helps prevent the spread of COVID. Even in amidst the anti-mask pushback, the darling child-mayor of Montgomery, AL required mask-wearing. What a brave young man!

Steven Reed: Civil rights birthplace Montgomery elects first black ...

It is hard to understand how mask-wearing has become politicized, but it has. Wearing a mask should be evidence that you care enough about your fellow person to try to protect him or her, as a public health matter, from COVID.

Trump has said that some people wear masks as a signal that they dislike him. The DSM III says that narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) patients are featured as having an exaggerated (fantastic or behavioral) behavior pattern requiring praise and lacking empathy. If the shoe fits…

Dear Shields and Brooks weighed in on this crazy week. When Judy asked him what Bolton’s book says about Bolton, Shields replied, “what it says about John Bolton is, you can call him a truth teller, you can call him a snitch or a rat fink. You really can’t call him a patriot.”

Brooks went deep into my area, financial crimes, and noted that Bolton had written that Trump offered to “go light” on ZTE, the Chinese telecom company and the U.S. investigation of ZTE’s breakage of the Iran blockage. “That’s true corruption,” and would have been “gigantic” had it come out in the impeachment hearings, but as we know, it did not.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So Trump says people are wearing masks to show they dislike HIM. And when the Supreme Court upheld DACA, he said l guess they don’t like ME. And there‘s NO danger of catching the virus if you go to his rally, but if you do get it, sign this: you‘re on your own. Why does ANYONE need to know anything else about this HORRRRRRRIBLE man??


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