Guess who’s a granny? THIS BLOGGER! I am dying to post a picture of the adorable little baby girl, but I want to respect the family’s privacy. Grandpa Blogger is floating around the moon somewhere. Haven’t seen him all day.

Anyway, Judy looks great in this shade of blue and the pearls accent it perfectly. Goes well with her eyes. I wonder what color eyes the new baby granddaughter will have.

Judy interviewed Senator James Lankford. He creeped me out. He was trying to obfuscate about why the Dems rejected the garbage Senate bill on police reform. I couldn’t help but notice that his creepy hair was a shade uncomfortably close to Judy’s. I wonder what color hair the new baby granddaughter will have.

John Feinstein was on with Amna about professional sports coming back. I kept wishing the camera would pull back a bit. Remember the movie, Tootsie? “How do you feel about Cleveland?”

I would be nicer but for one, I’m pretty sure John’s bookshelf was filled with his own books, and two, at the close of the interview he said something along the lines of, “if anyone tells you they know what’s going to happen in professional sports, they either are a lot smarter than I am,” and here he chuckled at the sheer impossibility of that, “or they’re lying.” The arrogance cracked up Amna. I wonder if the new baby granddaughter will play sports.

I’ll be happy whatever she does.

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  1. Agree totally about Feinstein—felt like he was talking to us with his nose pressed up against the window—but WHO CARES—there is a new baby granddaughter to think of!! Everything else is trivial. Congratulations to you and Grandpa Blogger!!!!


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