All right, all right, get off her back. Yes, my archivist was quick to note that Judy wore this three weeks and one day ago, on June 4, but she looks great. Who else is even working on a Friday afternoon in the swampy heat of the DC summer?

Shields and Brooks, that’s who! And in coat and tie, no less! LOVE IT!

Texas and Florida are reining in their re-opening. This is not the second wave, friends. This is still the first wave — just post-reopening. 40,000 new US cases in 24 hours and we are up to 125,000 COVID deaths. The young are the latest to be diagnosed en masse, likely because they are the ones who flocked to the crowded bars and boardwalks.

Although Mark is still in his closet, it looks like David has left his Royal Oak place on the Eastern Shore to return to DC.

I didn’t figure him or an abstract art guy (or a chin-up bar guy, for that matter) but I stand corrected. I like the abstract art, at least. I also liked that Mark quoted Ann Richards when Judy asked him about Biden’s lead in the polls, “July results do not make a November election.” Giddy Dems would be wise to remember this.

I loved that David said that in this country, somehow there seems to be a choice between public health and a strong economy. I liked that he added, “the truth is, we won’t have a strong economy without public health.”

That’s all I’ve got. Stay safe. Remember, if it’s ok for Judy to repeat outfits, it’s ok for us to wear the same shorts, ponytail and t-shirt day after day. At least, that’s my interpretation.

Have a great weekend!

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