I could swear I’ve seen this top before, but my crack summer intern from a highly-rated preschool begs to differ. Not much to say about the outfit though. It’s fine, if a little meh. Still, we should be grateful that Judy hasn’t taken her summer holiday to the Delaware shore yet. Impressive. She is on quite a streak of shows. She hasn’t missed one since the onset of the (surging) pandemic.

So, Justice Roberts joined the liberal wing of SCOTUS to strike down a Louisiana law against abortions? I bet Trump spewed his Big Buford all over the Oval Office when he heard that:

NPC Daily Fact Check: Did Trump LIE about "angrily" eating a ...

Still, Roberts was doing what SCOTUS is supposed to do: uphold precedent. It’s impressive that he struck down the Louisiana law that was nearly identical to the Texas one, though he dissented in the Texas decision. He is a rules kind of Justice and he stuck to his principles on precedent here.

From the better-late-than-never news desk:

  • Iran issued arrest warrants for Trump and his cronies and tried unsuccessfully to get INTERPOL’s support;
  • The Golden State killer pled guilty to 13 counts of first-degree murder and he will serve the remainder of his life in prison; and
  • The Mississippi flag will no longer include the confederate symbol.

The story with legs is the one the Times broke: that Russia paid Taliban fighters to attack U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Trump says he never heard of that and that Russia should join the G-8 pronto, which is especially odd even without this story, as we have sanctions against Russian oil companies and several of its banks. It was swell to see Schiffy again. Where’s he been?

A nicely-turned out British ambassador to the U.S. diplomatically said nothing, but her outfit went well with her pretty eyes:

And a new face on the NewsHour was Errin Haines, who joined Tam Keith while the Rachel Maddow doppelganger was on vacation. Errin was rockin’ a baby Gloria Steinem look that worked for me:

Fierce, Funny, Feminists: Gloria Steinem and Kathleen Hanna - The Feminist eZine Gloria Steinem Young, Gloria Steinman, Feminism Today, Women's Liberation Movement, Kathleen Hanna, Amazing Women, Beautiful Women, Amazing People, Beautiful People

Aviator glasses? Check.

Hair parted in the middle? Check?

Total hotness? Well, no, not yet. Errin is too young for that.

I give her an “A” for effort though.

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  1. You were way way too kind to the British ambassador! That jacket! That hair!! She was a hot mess. Maybe that was the style in Kabul…absolutely loved Erin Paine. She is a keeper.


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