Did the season change and I missed it? This is clearly a fall outfit, if not winter. I mean, I like the leather accents and all, but what whiplash from yesterday’s tank top.

I didn’t see much today to write about, sartorially speaking, but I absolutely wiped a tear at the “Brief But Spectacular” segment about the female utility worker whose son has Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Her name is Savoya Taylor and she is so cool.

For me to tear up at a PBS NewsHour segment is lame, but not unusual. What is unusual is for a hardened journalist like Our Judy to tear up. I swear she did during this segment. I’m telling, you, Judy had two little tears on those lovely cheeks:

Ok, you can’t see them but trust me…

They were there.

One thought on “

  1. Totally with you on Judy’s outfit—nice color but NOT suitable for this summer swamp.
    I wonder again, however, at your lack of comment on the winsome Nick Schifrin—WAY smart and cute as he can be. Has he OFFENDED you in some way, that you turn such a cold shoulder?


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