I must admit that sometimes, I don’t like my pre-school intern archivist. She said that Judy wore this outfit on June 10. So what? Judy looks great, and the red is spot on for this Independence Day weekend. For those of you that tuned in til the end, Judy choked me up with her closing remarks. She asked us to think about what it means to be a part of this country and other good stuff that escapes me at the moment.

Nice piece on Hong Kong activist (now in hiding due to the crackdown), Nathan Law. Truly scary what’s going on with China and Hong Kong. He did say sanctioning senior officials in China would help, along with support for the citizens of Hong Kong. I know there are bills moving through Congress on the former; less certain anything meaningful will happen on the latter.

He doesn’t just look young because I’m old. He is 24.

Nick Schifren interviewed Mr. Law:

Commenter to the contrary notwithstanding, Schifren does nothing for me. His apartment is uninteresting, his hair is pointy and most of all, he doesn’t blow me away as an interviewer. But here’s his mug for you to decide.

Glad to hear the Washington NFL team is reconsidering its name. I’m sure it was all morally motivated and entirely unrelated to the fact that FedEx (FedEx Field, anyone?) and Coke have come out against it, and Nike has pulled the team’s merchandise. I found the person interviewed for this bit annoying and offensive — bet Judy won’t have him back.

OK, no Shields and Brooks. Only Judy is superhuman enough not to take a single day off, not even the Friday before the 4th of July. I promised yesterday that Brooksie would wear a jacket and tie and he did not disappoint:

Neither did his surroundings. Did you get a load of that room? I think it was a converted barn. Really high ceilings, gorgeous framed windows, stairway on the right, baby grand piano dwarfed by the space. Good for David.

The other fellow, Jonathan Capeheart, was just fine. I missed the historical context that Mark Shields provides, though. Jonathan’s living space was blah. Totally generic:

Happy 4th of July, everyone!
Stay safe!

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  1. Keep imagining the horror if my students had kept tabs on my outfits like this: “she wore those earrings two weeks ago;” “we saw that top last Tuesday.” Actually, I’m sure some of them did.
    Loved the segment with the two mayors—desperate Dem, defensive Republican.
    Shame about your take on Nick S. But everyone is allowed one major flaw😀


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