“Judy is away.” Three words that break this blogger’s heart.

Each year, I wait by the phone and the mailbox, thinking THIS time Judy will invite me to her oceanside retreat. Sadly, another year gone by and no invitation. How can I not be in her bubble?

Well, I’m going after her. I will find that vixen. Just kidding, but I am going on vacation until next Friday.

I hope all will be right with the world by then, with Judy in front of her bookshelf, David Brooks in his Willy-Wonka-striped room, and Mark Shields still relegated to his closet.

If they are there, I will be here!

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  1. And the obvious question is: what will you be wearing while you’re away? Don’t think you’re excused from writing just because you’re taking a powder. Some of us depend on your nightly commentary.

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