We’re baaaaccckkk! Judy and I are back! Actually, Judy returned a week ago, so this is the super-duper wrap-up of all of her outfits for last week, July 20-24! I hope it is worth the wait!

July 20: blue dress with gold piping

Judy’s mouth rarely gapes, but it is in this picture. Sorry, Judy! We’ve seen this outfit before, but it was more than a month ago, sez my annoying preschool intern archivist (I only have her for a few more weeks before kindergarten starts up, virtually of course), on June 19. Judy’s wearing different earrings, so I’m glad she can flex her style rotation.

July 21: blue-on-blue stripes

Her mouth is closed for this but it’s not a flattering shot. Sorry, Judy! I’m beginning to think Judy thought she could get away with summer reruns when I was out of town. She wore this on June 1. Still, I like it. It looks like a dress, paired with drop earrings. Loyal readers know I like Judy in blues nearing the “royal” shade of the spectrum!

July 22: um, what season is this?

This is no way to avoid reruns. Not sure how Judy thought she could slip this by, but Kate, one of my alert readers, sent me an email while I was away decrying Judy’s choice of wool in the swampy heat of a DC July. Why, Judy, why?

July 23: Black Tank

We’ve seen her in black tanks before, and some readers don’t like this look, but I do. I’m not sure we’ve seen this tank before, either. Wait, the baby archivist says she wore it on June 17, but that’s a month ago, so lay off. It looks like it could be thick silk. What if it were leather? That would be amazing.

July 24: sorry no individual picture today

I like this dress. I had seen it back in the old days, but not since I’ve been blogging for you. I really like it. Judy rarely wears anything but solids. I could not tell what flower this was or if it’s a flower at all. I hope readers will weigh in on this look.

After careful observation of David’s backdrop and Mark’s, I have decided that I’d rather be invited to Mark’s home – HINT, HINT — than David’s.

Other than noting that a napping host is not a good host, David’s home is too carefully curated. I wonder if he or the newish bride is behind the books organized by color? I hope I do not offend my gentle readers when I say I am not a fan of this trend. A confession: this blogger’s books are not organized at all. The whole place looks too fussy for me, though it is beautiful.

Now that Mark is out of the closet, so to speak, let’s look at his room:

Darn it, he’s asleep too. He’s 83, so he deserves a nap.

Look at the comfy slipcovered couch, the rocker with a blanket for those chill evenings (do chill evenings exist anymore outside of Maine?), the hoop-backed Windsor chairs around the casual dining table. Even the art over the mantle is calming. I believe I could hang out with Mark for a while there. I’d even housesit. Love the exposed beams, too. Judging from Mark’s closet/office, I don’t think he had a lot to do with this decor, but it works and I like it!

Good to be back in the saddle again, so to speak!

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