Why, Judy’s got a new shirt and it looks like she’s crowing about it. I like the button down but I don’t think the earrings work with it. She’s not used to casual cotton.

The windowpane design puts this blogger in mind of a Rothko painting:

Mark Rothko No 61. Mark Rothko. #blue #abstract #painting #color ...

The most fascinating part of tonight’s show was her faceoff with Nancy Pelosi. At first I thought Judy would feel underdressed when going toe-to-toe with Coral Nancy:

Why, after all these posts, would I underestimate Judy? Nancy thought she was in for — no, that she deserved — a soft interview.


This blogger must admit she’s a Nancy fan, but when Nancy came out, guns ablazin’, Judy was more than equal to the task. Nancy went almost as far as to accuse Judy of being a shill for Grandma Mitch, but Judy was being a real reporter and she held her ground. Did you see the set of Judy’s mouth by the end of the interview? Let me see if I can find a shot:

Mr. Judy knows that look. Young Sally and Mikey Judy know that look; the thin, pressed-together lips, the head slightly tipped back so she can belch fire and not singe her Rothko shirt. The Judy Family would have warned Nancy to stop, to turn back, but Nancy pressed on, heedless of the consequences, blind to the warning face Judy was projecting. Woe to Nancy.

Still, Trump told us last night that the coronavirus is “under control as much as you con control it.” I feel so reassured, I’m heading to the OC! Boardwalk!

Coronavirus: Ocean City boardwalk sees packed crowds as beach reopens

.. And I’m taking last night’s Tam Keith with me! I love her, but this is more suited for a trip to the beach than the sober NewsHour:

I am willing to stipulate to her adorable-ness. But you, gentle reader, must admit this does not fly.

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  1. Yes, inappropriate.

    However, she for once has her hair looking good. I have never seen anyone with a worse hairdo. She is heading to the beach, clearly, but she looks adorable.

    Disappointed you didn’t go after the professor a few nights ago who had all her awards and books arranged in front of the camera…so tacky! Jill Biden did the same tonight again….honestly, but the professor’s attempt was more pathetic. I am clearly prepared to be much snarkier than you!!

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