I hope you gentle readers believe in “better late than never,” as I am just getting around to blogging on last Friday’s show, and that was in July! I spent large swaths of last weekend watching live sports: baseball and golf are back!

Come to think of it, I am not certain those qualify as “live.”

Nothing much to say about this look as we’ve seen it before. I am in no rush for fall but one thing to look forward to, for the non-pumpkin-spice-latte crowd, is a change in Judy’s wardrobe.

14 million American households with children are food-deprived, but that didn’t keep Congress for leaving for the Delaware shore en masse without a deal to extend benefits on Friday. Shameful is what that is.

Interesting takes from Shields and Brooks on the VP selection. They didn’t ask what’s taking Basement Joe so long to come out with it. I mean what the heck else is he doing? Brooks felt the pick wouldn’t matter much, but we are starved for non-COVID news so I side with Shields, who said Joe needs to pick someone who can “throw a punch and take a punch,” because, he added, “it’s going to be a lousy, mean-spirited election.” These tough words from the kindest possible face:

If you watch Judy’s face and head-tilt during the Shields and Brooks segments on Fridays, I think you will agree with this blogger that the segment is the best part of her week. Sadly, I could not capture that on film this week, but I will continue to try.

More to come!

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