We know that Judy’s worn this shirt before. It’s past my annoying preschool archivist’s bedtime, and believe me, I’m not going to wake her just to get the date Judy wore it last. Impossible to see in this shot, but Judy’s wearing her mega-dangly earrings and they complement the midnight-blue silk number. She seems to have upped her lipstick game.

First up was Eeyore — I mean Larry Kudlow, tearful Director of the U.S. Economic Security Council.

Eeyore Quotes: 12 Amazing Witticisms from Eeyore | Oh My Disney

Oh wait. I keep getting the photos mixed up. Here’s Lachrymose Larry:

Despite attempting to get falsehoods past Judy about what he termed the dramatic improvement of the U.S. economy, for the duration of the interview, Larry looked like he was on the verge of great, wracking sobs.

Cheer up, Larry. Judy was tough on Nancy Pelosi, too. Tough but fair.

For the past 20 weeks in a row, more than one million Americans filed for unemployment. This week, it was 1.2 million, which Eeyore saw as good news, because that is fewer than last week. (Looks like rain.)

Some interesting takes on back-to-school or not back-to-school, but the big news of the day is that this blogger got the most boss hat ever:

Don’t even think of trying to snag this sweet lid.

I know you want to.

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