Another pretty in pink two-fer on Friday: Judy and Nancy this time.

I would do “who wore it best” but they both look lovely. I’ll give it to Judy because this is her blog and because she wore delicate drop earrings that went well with the dress. I think it was a dress. Who knows these days?

Friday was the seventy-fifth anniversary of Hiroshima bombing. This blogger remembers reading the Hersey book, to which a whole issue of the New Yorker at the time was dedicated. I was about 12. Made quite an impression.

Mrs. Shields must have had company because Mark was shoved in the closet (again) like so much dirty laundry. Too bad, because he had a nice white shirt on instead of the usual blue, which he apparently gave to David. Nice to see they are so good at sharing.

Sorry this was so late!

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