After a long week covering the Dems’ convention, Judy was still standing last Friday, and in a new dress! Fetching! Let’s get a closer look at that neckline:

Saucy, but not quite as saucy as it first appears: there is sheer, pantyhose-like fabric behind each of those darts. Anyone remember pantyhose?

I didn’t think so.

David and Mark were strong on Friday, but nothing to write you about, gentle reader. I think we were all worn out from the week.

Judy in her best funereal attire for the Republican (can we really call it that? Is it the Republican party any more, or just Trump’s?) convention on Monday:

What a contrast to her fun, flirty Friday look.

While Judy was covering the Trump convention, Stephanie Sy showed up. I’m not sold on her or her overcomplicated top:

I’m sure this blogger wouldn’t be able to figure out even how to put that on.

She’s the only reporter I’ve seen with fiction on her bookshelves, including The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt. No problem with that. I liked that book when it came out a few years ago:

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

The problem is greater than “Sy’s just not Judy.” I would take Amna or Yamiche, or of course Laura, over her. Maybe even John Yang.

A new face on the NewsHour is Special Correspondent Jane Ferguson, seen on Friday reporting from Beirut. Here’s her glam shot:

Jane Ferguson in Beirut (2018)

A mere child (born in 1984; I’m old), but a lovely one and tough enough to withstand Beirut. Let me see if I can get a shot of her from that piece because she looks great without (much) makeup:

A darling, scrappy little thing. Nice addition to the NewsHour. Thanks to alert reader John for noticing her work.

Thanks for reading!

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