Kam, please don’t yell at Judy! She looks great!

A closer look reveals a nice pattern on the suit. I wish I knew what its name was. I also like the big red buttons and the lipstick that goes with the outfit but doesn’t scream “red”:

Today, I thought we would take a look at women’s political fashion.

Until fairly recently, red was the color of choice for women politicos.

See, e.g., early Liz Warren:

Elizabeth Warren Is Completely Serious - The New York Times

Nancy Pelosi rockin’ red Max Mara in 2019:

Nancy Pelosi's Red Coat Was Such a Moment It's Coming Back to ...

Hilary Clinton’s red pantsuit for the 2016 Presidential debate:

Then-guv Ann Richards in a pinky/purply-red:

20 Best Ann Richards images | Ann richards, Richard, Anne

… And don’t forget Pat Schroeder:

267 Patricia Schroeder Photos and Premium High Res Pictures ...

But the balance of power has clearly shifted to white, which Nancy, Hillary AND Gabby wore last night at the convention:

Noteworthy is the fact that Hillary trail-blazed white (pantsuit again) when she accepted the Dem nomination in 2016:

So I’m not sure that color choice bodes well for the Dems. (Apologies for poor image quality.)

One shout-out to the men: Barak looked SMOOTH in blue (notice that American flag colors are the theme here) last night at the Convention as he ripped into Trump:

For all this, I love that Pearls chose brown, and of course, her million-dollar smile. I don’t even know what this shade of brown is called:

Kamala Harris' Speech at Democratic National Convention: Watch ...

She is breaking the mold all over the place and we love it.

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