Why was Judy at home yesterday (Monday)? Was there a Covid outbreak in the studio?

The plot thickens, but we’ve seen this top/dress before. (Judy’s lost her legs again, unfortunately.)

Here’s a contrast:

I could start a whole blog on Kayleigh McEnany’s outfits. It would be called “NSFW” (Not Suitable for Work”). Let’s take a closer look:

This is by far NOT the most inappropriate outfit the White House Press Secretary has worn but I can say for certain that this blogger’s mother would not have let her out of the house in it.

The only thing Kayleigh and Lisa have in common is they both have their eyes closed. I actually like Lisa’s eyes closed in this picture. They match the curve of the diver’s body and the black piping on her neckline. So appropriate. Plus — her cat is back.

RIP John Thomson, the great Georgetown basketball coach for 27 seasons, who was so much more than a coach to his players. The above photo is recent, but here’s how most of us remember him, with his players around him:

… A big man with big gold glasses and a big heart!

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