Judy’s still at home, wearing her old togs. We’ve seen this shirt before but I like it. (Rothko, remember?) This blogger sure isn’t sporting a new outfit every day of work in quarantine, I guarantee you that, so far be it from me to criticize Judy.

I do promise you criticism in this post, however.

The Band is perhaps the greatest American rock n’roll band ever:

…and last night there was a piece on Judy’s show about a new film, called Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band. (Robbie’s on the right in picture above.)

After the seminal 1978 film by Marty Scorsese, The Last Waltz, there was a rift between Robbie Roberson and Levon Helm, The Band’s real leader (who unfortunately died of throat cancer. Smoking’s NOT cool, kids).

Marty was kind of in love with Robbie, and the two roomed together for several years. The Last Waltz made Robbie the star of the show, and reportedly, Robertson didn’t properly share songwriting credits, either. All this made for a split between Levon and Robbie.

Back to the subject of this blog – fashion – Robbie wore it well:

80 Best robbie images | Robbie, Robbie robertson, Robertson

Easy on the eyes, Robbie was:

But oh how the mighty have fallen. I’m not talking about the ravages of old age, or even a rock ‘n roll lifestyle. It’s obvious Robbie loved his locks, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.

I’m talking about the devastation a bad toupee can inflict:

Yes, that’s Robbie. Looks like he went for Botox as well and capped teeth, but it’s hard to see past that rug. He had a slightly better one on Judy’s show last night:

You can see he’s still stylish in his dress, at least.

He could have gone the way of Bruce Springsteen, also interviewed about the film on the show last night — hair plugs:

As this blogger’s (bald) grandfather used to say: “The good Lord only made a few perfect heads; the rest He had to cover with hair.”

Live with the dome, guys.

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