There’s No Debate Tonight…

Nope, there’s no debate at all… This outfit’s a WINNER!

Judy looks great in time for the presidential debate (Chicago Manual of Style sez no cap “P” there). Luv the red-on-red and the plaid motif is super for fall (also not capitalized). You go, Judy.

I owe yinz (a nod to this blogger’s Pittsburgh roots) a bunch of assessments of Judy’s recent outfits. Had a computer virus which laid us low for a few days.

Some might wonder, “why do you never critique Yamiche’s outfits or her residence?”

I’ll tell you why: because they are BOR-RING.

Lookee here:

Yamiche has even bored herself. Nothing to say about the top other than it must have taken a long time with the hole-puncher to get that look. Let’s turn to her dwelling. Strictly corporate housing/Residence Inn. Depressing.

Let’s contrast that with Lisa’s pad:

Earlier, we identified the artist who painted the diver. For today, we get both a seasonal vibe with the gourds in the background, and the cat, not to mention the artfully arranged throw.

Speaking of throws, I HAD to score this baby at Target today and, in an homage to Lisa, one of MY pets is in the shot:

Feels great to be back here with you!

5 thoughts on “There’s No Debate Tonight…

  1. Judy Woodruff has worn a black short sleeved dress with red – I honestly don’t know what to call them – embroidered “rosettes” or what looks like little trees – red with green bases – several times. Anyone know who makes it?


      1. The blond new scared has on the same dress. Sorry I thought the bases of the red embroidered designs were green but they’re white. 

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    1. Sorry not sure what happened. I tried to send a picture of the dress to you – I’d taken one of a newscaster who was wearing the same dress on TV back in Feb. I was wrong – the rosettes or whatever they are are red but the base isn’t green, it’s white.


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