It’s Fall I Said

As long as the Commander-in-Chief sez we don’t have to be afraid of Covid, I’m sure all’s well…

But it must not be because Judy is stuck in summer mode. I cannot understand why she persists in wearing tank tops. It’s fall!

Perhaps she hasn’t seen the seminal McSweeney’s article, “It’s Decorative Gourd Season…” If YOU haven’t, dear reader, there’s no time like the present:

David Brooks choked up last Friday (10/2) when talking about Trump’s diagnosis. Poor Brooksie is worn out from the year’s events. Who can fault him for that?

B’more’s own Leanna Wen was on Judy tonight (10/5):

This woman has some chops: former Health Commish for B’more, former Director of Planned Parenthood, and she’s well under 40. More importantly, the woman can coordiante a backdrop. Witness the dusky pink couch matching her eyeshadow and the purple of her dress accenting the candlestick-y bulb-y things on the mantle. Dr. Wen was shocked by the fact that the White House is not conducting any kind of contact tracing. Shouldn’t we all be shocked by that?

I hope you are taking advantage of the lovely weather to get your yard Halloween-ready. Do it! It will take your mind off these crazy times.

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