I know, right? I always lead with a Judy shot, but I had to open with Covid-bro today.


Everything about him screams “Beer me, bro!” From his name, Graham Brookie, to his slicked-back hair, to his Wall Street bro-vest overtop his button down, to the telescope he uses to spy on his neighbors, this guy is a Covid bro through and through. What? Did I even listen to what he had to say? Heck, no. I was too thrilled with the whole scene. He and Judy appear to order from the same florist.

Judy moved from summer (yesterday) back to spring today:

If I don’t see some autumn shades of dark orange and burnt sienna (who didn’t love that crayon?)

Burnt Sienna Crayon | Burnt orange, Sienna, Burns

soon I will lose my squash. At least give us a nubby sweater, Judy!

P.S. What’s with the decision to put “Dutch” (about Ronnie Reagan, of course) atop “Grant”? Is there a hidden meaning?

I’ve said before that I won’t comment on Lisa’s outfits because she’s just not ready for it. Case in point – tonight:

Huh? Even kitty can’t look.

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