It’s No Illusion! Joe Won!

Judy’s illusion neckline dress with three darts never fails to generate comments and questions.

Lots of fans of this look out there, even outside of the US. She has worn this before, but she saves it for special occasions like last Saturday night! The dress is not from the 2020 season, so it’s been difficult for this blogger to track down its designer. Well, impossible so far. Judy looked great as she covered Joe and Kamala’s first speeches as the “-elects.”

Lisa looked nice, appropriate and happy.

Kamala and Joe gave inspiring speeches and both looked great:

The Times had a whole piece today about Kamala’s outfit – the significance of the white pantsuit and her “pussy bow.”

That is a real term:

The white pantsuit: a nod to the struggle to break the final glass ceiling, stretching from the suffragists through Geraldine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the women of Congress. A garment in a color meant, as an early mission statement for the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage published in 1913 read, to symbolize ‘the quality of our purpose.’ Latterly redolent with frustration; now, finally, transformed into a beacon of achievement.”

There is also a blog devoted exclusively to Kamala’s fashion: WhatKamalaWore.

I also want to give a hurrah to a reader who tracked down Judy’s (maybe) bolero jacket: I cannot confirm this is the outfit, because it’s black, not blue, and it could have a notched collar, not the shawl collar Judy’s outfit had, but I LOVE the homework and the fact that a reader sent me the link!

Keep up the great work, readers!

2 thoughts on “It’s No Illusion! Joe Won!

  1. Megan, I just found your blog last night while watching TNH – hysterical! I can’t say for sure if I’m comforted, validated, or terrified that you’re looking at and commenting on everything my husband and I talk about every night while watching. Obviously we’re not alone in our couch potato curiosity, or our living room is bugged. I’ll take the former.

    Please keep up the good work!

    All best,
    Marlene in Upstate New York


    1. Marlene,
      I cannot thank you enough fo r your comment! I hope you clicked “follow” so you will get an email when I post new content. This week has been busy, so I am remiss in my blogging. I hope you feel validated! It’s fun!
      All the best


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