STILL Waiting…

Judy continues to bring her “A” game, with a marvelous orange jacket. The color is just right for the season, as is the sleeve length. Received a comment asking where Judy purchased this item. I don’t know and I am having trouble imagining. Does she shop online? Does a personal shopper visit Chez Judy? I cannot picture Judy rifling through the racks at Marshall’s, but maybe she does.

Unfortunately, Amna and Lisa did not follow Judy’s sartorial lead:

Neither outfit worked for me even a little. Amna usually does better. This was too casual:

Lisa is a work in progress and I mean that in the very best sense. She’s a heck of a journalist. I suspect, but cannot confirm, linen:

You might reasonably ask why I do not comment on men’s outfits more frequently. Because they are boring.

So boring.

William Brangham’s look last night was a case in point:

There just isn’t anything to say.

I rarely comment on Yamiche’s look, because it’s boring, too, but I note that last night she went with the puffy-sleeved look that Judy introduced several weeks ago. Yamiche wore it in her usual black, but it is a new look for her and therefore noteworthy:

I must say that Yamiche looks great these days.

Hang tough, everyone!

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