A New Day Has Dawned, But Not a New Outfit for Judy

Judy is looked good on Tuesday, even though this is a rerun outfit. My search efforts for the designer have been hampered by the fact that I don’t know what it is: a jacket? A top? a dress? Stand up, woman!

Monday was a tank top, not quite the thing for November, but it was in the 70s in the DC metro area. I will not dignify it with a photo.

Lisa was looking lovely and even a bit racy. She has dumped the hot rollers in favor of a smooth look. It’s so professional. The grey suit and low-necked shell are nicely offset by the patterned — what ? — peeping out. You can just see it in under her right lapel. Sorry I couldn’t get a better shot. If you can believe it, this is the best of four I took. Where is my photographer?

A rare miss by Kamala, as an alert reader noted. The blazer is swell — groovy wide lapels — but the black top underneath doesn’t work. Cream would have been better. Where are the pearls? I don’t think they would clash with the flag pin.

I dig the background: “Office of the President Elect.”

Have a great day!

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