It’s Fall on the NewsHour

On Friday, Judy looked skeptical, but I think this winter white looks just right! Winter white is actually a cream hue, but “winter white” is alliterative, so let’s go with that.

I notice that Judy never, ever wears a necklace. I think that’s interesting. Does she think it would get tangled in her mic? Of course, I think everything about Judy is interesting, so it’s a low bar.

I think Yamiche has upped her sartorial game this fall. Her makeup on Friday looked great, too. I note that she outlines her entire eye with liner. That takes a steady hand by either her or her makeup artist. I also like that her eyeshadow matches the hue of her new coat. Speaking of this coat, I love that the nape is so high. I also love the double, and double-wide, lapels. Nice going!

Lisa also matched her makeup to her outfit. Her rosy lips matched her Victorian-collared shirt. Trust me, it looked better than it does in this picture. I only chose this one because her cat is looking straight at the camera. The cat has supplanted the pumpkin, which is back in its rightful place on the side table.

Let’s bring a man into the blog:

David wore a comment-worthy getup on Friday. The tie was a lovely orange, just right for fall. The gingham shirt was an interesting choice, because I usually associate gingham with summer. It kind of worked. I am just with him on that painting.

For those of you that enjoy a good outfit, I recommend The Undoing, which unfortunately is not free to watch like Judy, because The Undoing is on HBO. Check out this now-iconic coat on Nicole Kidman:


But I digress. Sad that we may never know what kind of winter coat Judy wears, but it’s nice to think her in her always-cozy home or studio.

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