January 5 – An Unexpected Delight

I think this blue outfit is new for 2021. Not sure. Judy is on a blue roll.

I had not planned to blog on Tuesday’s show, but those of us who tuned in were rewarded with some gems.

Two things about Amy’s appearance last night on Judy: (1) Amy is clearly a Judy wannabe. Everyone knows Judy has been wearing blue of late; and (2) Amy had the temerity to correct Judy, not merely to question her. Amy used the word “correct” to Judy in response to Judy’s use of the word “certify” about the action Congress would take on the Electoral College vote.

I could swear Judy gave Amy the stink eye.

I present to you Stephen Fowler of Georgia Public Broadcasting. I ask that you take in the whole scene: the guitar jutting out of his head, the sad-but-hopeful “Live Broadcast in Progress” sign in the background, the sadder tarnished horn, the saddest dead plant. There’s so much that could be said here, but a picture’s worth a thousand…

If you had asked me, “what painting would a former Secretary of Defense choose to display on his (all men so far) wall?” I might think of Washington crossing the Delaware, a photo of the flag-raising at Iwo Jima, but I would not think…


Yes, Bill! You do you! Cheetahs! What was that discussion with Mrs. Bill? “”Let’s go with an animal motif for the den, honey.” “No, hamsters wouldn’t send a suitably masculine image for the former Secretary of Defense.” “What then?” “Let’s go big cats!” I want to know everything about that conversation.

And G-D matching cheetah pillows. Nailed it.

Sometimes Tuesdays are great.

2 thoughts on “January 5 – An Unexpected Delight

  1. Would it be possible for you to name some of the designers or brands of Judy Woodruff’s clothing? I actually really like a lot of what she wears and I’m interested in obtaining some for myself!


    1. Hi, Trisha. I do not know the designers or where Judy purchases her clothes. Sometimes my readers do, though. If you have a specific outfit in mind, post a comment and maybe other readers will know the designer! Thanks so much for reading!


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