Happy 2021!

Judy hasn’t busted our her new Christmas outfits for us yet, preferring instead a blue sweater set. Is it even a set? The blues are different shades. Still, blue suits her.

I was just thinking the other day that sales of lipstick must have plummeted last year, what with all the mask-wearing. Dr. Shanti Akers hasn’t given up the ghost. She chose just the right shade. Love her bookshelf — definitely not just for show.

J. David McSwane reported from his kitchen on the problems in the VA health system. Tough report, and tough sartorial choices. Did J-Dave find his schedule so packed that he didn’t have time after the show to change from work into camping togs before his friend picked him up for their trip? Nice faux-shearling vest and flannel shirt.

Note the Mrs. Meyers cleaning products to his right. Costly, but great-smelling.

A new era begins:

David moved from his disturbing living room into what looks like his – nicely decorated – attic for the arrival of Ruth Marcus. He looks sad not to be with Mark, but I know he will do his best.

Look how happy Ruthie is to be on the show! Nice bookshelves. Nothing special to note in her outfit, other than that she is also wearing blue. Go Judy for choosing a talented woman to succeed Mark. Still missing him though.

Hooray for Gabriel Sterling, the GA elections official who called Trump’s assertions of voter fraud, “all easily, provably false.” Today, the Times reported that when he heard about Trumps’s call telling his colleague to “find votes,” Sterling said, “I wanted to scream.” I love him now.

But I would be remiss if I failed to note that he looks a lot like a young Roger Ebert:

Contributors | Roger Ebert

In other news, for those of us who thought Ted Cruz couldn’t look any creepier, I present to you…
His Covid beard!

Yamiche, on the other hand, looks great. Readers have complimented her makeup before and I join that chorus. I like white on her and her outfit looks great. I think she has that top in black, too.

I guess we have borne witness to her re-decorating efforts. First, the shelf looked plain weird with just the sunbursts and the all-white pottery. Now she has books to balance the look. First, the rain cups (thank you, dear reader) were empty. Now they have what I believe are fake plants in them.

Lisa went for her school-marm look yesterday. She has taken down her decorations (easily beating me) and the cat is sleeping sweetly.

I liked Fred Dust’s Brief But Spectacular, also from his kitchen (nice oven) on the importance of conversations.

I certainly enjoy mine with you. Let’s keep them up in ’21!

5 thoughts on “Happy 2021!

  1. And on the subject of conversations… oh how I look forward to sitting at the bar at Johnny’s, conversing, and sipping Manhattans with you. Can we start planning now what we’ll wear?


  2. Agree Yamiche in white so so good. And Lisa totally channeling Joan Cusack in School of Rock and I have to say I dig it!


  3. Love the Roger Ebert comparison!! Good eye.

    Lisa’s living room is great — both the painting and the cat. But she needs some color in the cabinet behind her. Clear glass behind clear glass feels desolate.


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