Yamiche Was Wearing Whaaaaa?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. It’s dear that Yamiche wore her version of Judy’s famous Escada sunburst outfit. I think last Friday was Yamiche’s first time hosting Washington Week, and she dressed for success. Of COURSE she wanted to look just like Judy. Shout out to a loyal reader and also to my mom for alerting me to this flattery.

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I must report the good and the bad. .Judy had a miss last night. Those greens were not the same shade, but they weren’t far enough apart to complement each other, either.

Even Judy can’t go all-Escada all the time.

A wise and suspicious reader suggested that Lisa has been feeding her cat to entice it to appear on television. Lisa knows the cat is part of her schtick. Mr. Blogger reported that, during the insurrection at the Capitol, one legislator told Lisa, “I love your cat.” I reported a while back that I thought the cat was hacking up a hairball, but maybe it was enthusiastic scarfing of the goodies Lisa had provided.

Keep watch, alert readers.

The cat was in evidence on Friday (see below), but not yesterday:

Correction: Judy did NOT select a woman to replace Mark. She chose Jonathan Capehart. I found him to be much too enthusiastic about telling us what he knew and thought. We’ll chalk that up to new-guy jitters.

Still, what does this man have to hide? I ask because Mr. Blogger noticed that the book to Capehart’s left is turned backwards so we cannot read its spine. Good job, Mr. Blogger! We can see the picture on the back, just barely.


Keep watch, alert readers.

J. M. Berger managed to flog two books at once on Judy. He was on the show to discuss his book, Extremism. He took the opportunity to display prominently his “new dystopian novel,” Optimal, off to his right.

If anyone reads that, do let me know!

2 thoughts on “Yamiche Was Wearing Whaaaaa?

  1. Thank you for posting. A cleansing breeze in a putrid sea of TV news.
    To business: Jonathan Capehart so boooring. I hope he improves.
    Lisa yes absolutely entices her cat to sit in that throw with Pounce. I am down with it.
    Yamiche has been looking great. The camel coat last night was yum but she could have done with a brighter lipstick.
    And to pick more nits, Tamra needs bangs or something her hair is too flat on top. Amy always looks great and 100% herself.


  2. Diana – I love love love your comments. Keep ’em coming. Meant to comment on Yamiche’s camel coat. I thought it was yum too but agree on lipstick. I love Tamra but I don’t know where to start with that one.


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