Another Great Showing

Judy racked up another strong week of outfits. She had only one or maybe two slight misses, which don’t merit mention or a photo here. She chose blue dresses twice: And a lovely white number once: Lisa has stowed her big black frames, perhaps for spring. Unfortunately, the knobby sweater/jacket over the patterned silk topContinue reading “Another Great Showing”

I Had to Go There with Tam

I guess we are all tired. I don’t think Judy is even trying to delight with her outfits anymore. We need a (figurative and literal) shot in the arm. Come on, Judy. We’re counting on you. The Monday after Judy interviewed Janet Yellen, Judy dressed just like her. Why? Unlike Christine Lagarde, Janet is notContinue reading “I Had to Go There with Tam”

Weekly Round-Up

It’s been a while so we’ve got a lot to cover. Judy started the week slowly — apologies for bad picture, but it’s a bad outfit — with a not-quite-matching self-made twinset. She pulled it together Tuesday with a blue jacket-and-dress (who knows?) combo. Note the picture in the red frame behind her. We firstContinue reading “Weekly Round-Up”