It’s Time for a Closer Look

Blue is almost the only color Judy wears these days, to good effect. Above, her look last Friday. Nice lipstick, too.

Our first closeup is of David Brooks’ bizarre living room. Nothing quite works, from the black velour chairs to the color-coordinated books. Last Friday, my eyes were drawn to what I presume is the top of his tv cabinet:

What the heck are pillows doing up there? That doesn’t make a lick of sense. No one is going to clamber up there to sit, and if there is a pillow emergency, David will need a ladder to grab them. Just all around poor planning.

Don’t even get me started on Capehart. He brings no historical context to his remarks.

Yamiche continues to thrill with her coat collection. This parka was perfect for snowy Monday. Dear Yamiche somehow got through her segment without wiping the snow (I hope it was snow) from below her nose (not visible in this picture; well, the nose is, the snow isn’t), and at the end of her bit, a giant snowflake landed on her lashes, which made Judy giggle. Yamiche was a pro through it all.

At least one alert reader noticed that Judy sported a necklace last evening.

Loyal viewers know how rare this is, which brings us to our second closeup.

I didn’t say it would be a good closeup.

Does anyone know who designed it?

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